The touching last scene of Holden"s lengthy flashback, his story, takes ar at the carrousel in the park external of the zoo. The good thing around a carrousel, for Holden, is the it has beauty and music and even motion, however it doesn"t walk anywhere. Nothing yes, really changes. However, no everyone wants points to continue to be the means they are. Symbolically, Phoebe and also the other children want to grab the gold ring hanging just past reach on every rotation. If they deserve to grab the gold ring, they deserve to win the prize, whatever that could be. In life, too, that is organic for young world to want to take a hazard and shot for something past what lock have. Also Holden, acquisition an initial action toward maturity or change, concedes that, when youngsters long come "grab because that the gold ring, you have to let them execute it. . . . If they fall off, they loss off. . . ."

We acquire the feeling that Holden can stand there and watch Phoebe ride her "big, brown, beat-up-looking old horse" forever, also in the rain. The track the carrousel dram is "Smoke it s okay in your Eyes," recalling the organic reaction the tears as soon as smoke it s okay in people"s eyes. Holden is therefore happy that he is "damned near bawling." Phoebe walk round and round, the music plays, and she looks "so damn nice" in she blue coat on that old wood horse; because that a moment, Holden"s human being is perfect.

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That"s all that Holden wants to call us. He claims that he did go home after gift at the zoo with Phoebe. He got sick and also ended up in California, but, for once, the doesn"t desire to get in the details. That doesn"t recognize what the future holds, but he misses every the people in his past, even the jerks and bullies. "Don"t ever before tell everyone anything," that concludes. "If girlfriend do, friend start missing everybody." Holden wishes that the story would never ever end. It would be perfect if it simply kept walk round and round, choose that old carrousel.


strong box a greatly made box or safe for save valuables.

scraggy-looking lean; bony; skinny.

Salvation Army an worldwide organization top top semi-military lines, started in England by wilhelm Booth in 1865 for religious and philanthropic purposes among the very poor.

Bloomingdale"s a popular, Manhattan-based department store.

storm shoes all-weather boots.

Holland Tunnel a passageway connecting lower Manhattan through Jersey City, brand-new Jersey, in ~ the Hudson River.

double-decker bus a bus with an top deck or floor.

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carrousel a merry-go-round with various wooden or metal animals, especially ponies, serving as seats that go up and also down.