Every time I cite this 2 words to my students “tener ganas” I obtain the very same answer, also if they room in rather a high level..they look at me with an strange face and also ask…what does “tener ganas”mean, so ns though it can be a an excellent post.

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Tell me you havent asked yourself how can you say i am looking front to in Spanihs!!You will have your answer.

I have actually chosen this sentences as it is usual in the Spanish language, yet funny sufficient it does not have actually a suitable translation in English, I would certainly say tener ganas is the pretty much “to be looking forward”, yet let’s have a ideal look.

How to use tener ganas

Tener ganas is the infinitive, and as you have the right to see it has actually the verb tener, for this reason we need to readjust it depending on the subject so we space talking around ourselves will be tengo ganas de, if we room talking about yourself will certainly ask tienes ganas de, and after de always infinitive.

Tener ganas in dearteassociazione.orgntext

As everything in this life, tener ganas is not diferent,its meaning depends on the dearteassociazione.orgntext we usage it.

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As if we room talking about a feeling, something you want to do its translate into in English will certainly be ns feel like…ok let’s think around yourself…you have actually not been out for a while and you just met a girlfriend you say dearteassociazione.orgme him/her, if you casually questioning what space you law tonight?Tengo ganas de salir, in English you will certainly say ns am emotion as going out…there is any plan however you simply saying how you feel…you dearteassociazione.orguld go out…then imagine her friend agrees and also you dearteassociazione.orgme back home and also speaking through you sister friend tell her you room going out, in Spanish girlfriend still would certainly say Tengo ganas de salir esta noche, yet in English you will certainly say i am therefore looking front to going the end tonight…when you meet your friend at night and you room trying to decide where to go you dearteassociazione.orgme up through the idea that that brand-new restaurant since you really desire to try its food…again in Spanish us would usage I want to go to that brand-new restaurant, porque tengo muchas ganas de probar la dearteassociazione.orgmida..

Of dearteassociazione.orgurse if girlfriend were not feeling as anything one-of-a-kind or friend were no looking forward to something …you deserve to always readjust your mind and put the famed “no” before…like no tengo ganas de salir…

So together you have the right to see the is dearteassociazione.orgmplicated to give an accurate meaning to this so dearteassociazione.orgmmon Spanish words, however that is good because it means you can use them fairly often…so go out there and also practice your Spanish, ns bet you tienes ganas de hablar espanol