Here's your finish guide to all the slang terms offered on TikTok and what they typical – including DC, IB and FYP.

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2. What does FYP median on TikTok?

This one is quite simple. The #FYP you see anywhere on TikTok? It means ‘For girlfriend Page’. The FYP is the key timeline friend see as soon as you log into the app. Fairly than mirroring you the videos of human being you follow, the FYP presents you through popular, viral and also random videos that you could like based on your an individual algorithm.


3. What go CEO typical on TikTok?

On TikTok, CEO means the same thing together it walk in real life… Chief executive, management Officer. To be dubbed a ‘CEO of’ miscellaneous on TikTok way that you the absolute ideal at it. CEO of dance challenges, CEO the comments, CEO of going viral… you obtain the idea.



5. What walk POV median on TikTok?

On TikTok, POV way the exact same thing together it does in real life… allude of View. POV is frequently used in captions and also on-video captions to denote when the viewer is meant to it is in watching the from their own perspective.

6. What walk OOMF mean on TikTok?

OOMF is one acronym for among My Followers. The predominantly supplied on TikTok and Twitter.

7. What go Heather mean on TikTok?

The term Heather has actually a couple of meanings ~ above TikTok. The an initial refers straight to the iconic ‘80s film, Heathers. In the movie, the Heathers to be a team of wealthy, preppy and popular students. In this case, gift a Heather can have negative connotations, seeing as they to be the ‘mean girls’ of your day. In 2020, the term took on a new definition thanks come Conan Gray’s song. To be dubbed a pagan in this context method you’re gorgeous, desirable and also the other human being wishes they might be you.

8. What go IB mean on TikTok?

If you check out the letter ‘IB’ in a tik caption, it way that the video has to be ‘inspired by’ an additional viral or noteworthy video. The original users

9. What walk DC mean on TikTok?

If you view the letters ‘DC’ in a tik caption, it method that the tiktok user is providing ‘dance credits’ come the originator of a viral run or challenge. The initial creator's username will commonly be tagged alongside the letters.

10. What does Alt tik mean?

Alt TikTok is one of the key ‘sides’ the TikTok. Alt tiktok (short for alternative) is for an ext of the quirky Gen Z humour and meme-y form TikTok users. Here, you’ll uncover other sides of TikTok including Frog TikTok and also Fairy Comment TikTok.

11. What does directly TikTok mean?

Straight TikTok is one of the key ‘sides’ the TikTok. Directly TikTok is where you’ll find the dances and also the bulk of the content home TikTokers, prefer the exaggeration House. Basically, it’s the much more mainstream side of the app.

12. What perform the finger emojis median on TikTok?

The 'two finger touching' emoji sequence essentially mean 'shy'. As if you were twiddling your fingers together, nervously. The emojis can often be paired with the watery eye emoji too, because that extra concerned vibes.

13. What walk #xyzbca typical on TikTok?

The #xyzbca hashtag is simply just a renowned hashtag that people use in the wishes of getting more views top top their tiktok videos. It’s type of favor #FYP and #ForYouPage. It unfortunately has no definition at all. It’s simply a bunch that letters.

14. What walk Shifting mean on TikTok?

Shifting (sometimes referred to as reality shifting) is a way of training your mind to enter a ‘new reality’. It began on Reddit a while ago but has become popular on TikTok. Come shift, you must lie down and imagine her ‘desired reality’. It’s essentially a mix in between meditation, manifestation and lucid dreaming. The results are claimed to feel like an extremely realistic and also vivid dream.

15. What walk ratio median on TikTok?

Ratio is a popular term offered on social media and also when it concerns TikTok, it’s all to do with the comment section. To gain ‘ratioed’ on TikTok way that your comment has much more replies than likes. Usually, this method that your comment has actually NOT gone under well. If you get ratioed, it’s type of a negative thing.

16. What go Simp mean on TikTok?

According to metropolitan Dictionary, ‘simp’ stands for 'Suckas Idolising mediocre Pussy'. Essentially, that a term for a man who will execute absolutely anything because that a woman in the really hopes of obtaining sex or a connection in return. The term has actually softened thanks to TikTok. Now, people often describe themselves together a simp for specific celebrities (or actual people) they have a to like on.

17. What go Shadowbanned average on TikTok?

Shadowbanning is as soon as your contents is ‘blocked’ there is no you understanding by TikTok. Your account can be gotten rid of from searches, and your reach will be restricted to your very own followers. Users have tendency to notification that they’ve been shadowbanned ~ above TikTok once their see count drops. The very same thing can happen on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

18. What walk the mind emoji median on TikTok?

On TikTok, the brain emoji has actually a little bit of a NSFW meaning. That basically way oral sex, or 'give brain'/'give head'. It went viral in a video clip that described how doctors have the right to tell even if it is or no you've done it or not based on the roof of her mouth, and also now TikTokers have actually officially crowned it together the latest emoji with a concealed meaning.

19. What does recorded In 4k mean on TikTok?

To 'catch someone in 4k' means to catch their reaction or behaviour come a instance on camera, in clear view. The phrase has actually been on tiktok for a while now, but it's newly being offered when guys loss for the 'Hey Lol' audio challenge. Individuals will play Khaleel's song, i m sorry samples a erotic Hub intro, the end loud and also people who have actually "been come the hub" will typically look approximately see what's walking on. Of course, the other human will be filming them, capturing their reaction "in 4k".

20. What does Accountant typical on TikTok?

If you've ever before been top top TikTok, you'll have actually no doubt heard the "I'm an accountant" song. TikTokers usage this tune as a tongue-in-cheek means to evade questions about their true jobs, and also where they acquired all your money indigenous – because "nobody asks you questions once you say you're an accountant." Originally, Rocky Paterra composed the song about how he would certainly dodge inquiries as a struggling actor. The term to be then embraced by sex workers or world who have OnlyFans accounts.

21. What go Sheesh typical on TikTok?

You may have heard a lot of TikTokers or watched a most comments making use of the 'word' sheesh on tik recently. The expression basically means to either be impression or come express disbelief or exasperation.

22. What go ASL average on TikTok?

ASL is not a brand-new phrase that comes from TikTok, it's in reality a standard internet phrase that represents 'age, sex, location'. However, part TikTok individuals are likewise using the expression as a shortened means to to speak "as hell".

23. What does Mutuals/Moots typical on TikTok?

If you've seen words 'mutuals' (or 'moots' for short), climate that method someone is talking around their pendant who also follow lock back.

24. What does Bussin typical on TikTok?

Bussin is a word that frequently pops increase on TikTok, and it means that other is yes, really good.

25. What walk Valid typical on TikTok?

You may understand valid to mean acceptable or reasonable, yet it has a slightly different meaning within society media slang terms. According to city Dictionary, precious also way something that is very great or of a yes, really high standard.

26. What go Cheugy median on TikTok?

Cheugy means something the is off-trend. It's largely aimed in ~ millennial styles and also trends, and it's comparable to calling someone basic. Points that do someone 'Cheugy', follow to the CheugLife Instagram, include: anything that states "girlboss", take care of Potter merch, Ugg slippers, going come Disney as an adult, posing in front of a wall mural for an Instagram picture, Eos lipbalms... You acquire the picture.

27. What go Sneaky link mean top top TikTok?

A Sneaky attach is pretty lot what friend think that is... It's a slang term because that someone who is hooking increase with one more person in secret. The hatchet is also used in a viral tiktok song called 'Sneaky Link' through HXLLYWOOD.

28. What does confront Card average on TikTok?

You may have actually heard the term confront Card being thrown approximately on TikTok and Twitter recently, however there's a pair of different meanings to the phrase. On society media, the latest interpretation basically method that you're stunning, you constantly have been and you constantly will be. Civilization share their self alongside captions such as "face card always valid" or "face card never ever declined". However, the famous street slang meaning refers to her reputation, and the fact that civilization respect you.

29. What go Fruity median on TikTok?

On TikTok, Fruity is a term supplied to explain someone who belongs to the LGBTQ+ community. It's no actually a new term either, and some could actually uncover it to it is in offensive, however it's at this time being reclaimed by the Gay tik subculture. The term picked up popular on the app after tik user Mattie (

30. What does 4Lifers typical on TikTok?

The phrase '4Lifers' gained popularity ~ above TikTok many thanks to a viral video clip from
boobackbaby, special rapper and producer Lucki speak “what we is? 4lifersss!” 4Lifers method a group of friends, or siblings, or household members who will always be in every others resides no issue what - for life, obviously. The term may likewise be shorted come 4L on some social media communication too.

31. What go BBL median on TikTok?

There’s to be a lot of videos about BBLs top top the tik FYP recently, yet what specifically does it was standing for? BBL is actually an acronym for a surgery referred to as a Brazilian target Lift, i m sorry takes fat from one area the the body and also moves it to the target to make it bigger. TikTokers are sharing the before and afters of their cosmetic measures with your followers.

32. What does hot Girl Summer typical on TikTok?

Chances space you already know what hot Girl Summer means, yet after a entirety year spent inside, the Megan Thee Stallion-coined expression is making a huge comeback for 2021. Hot Girl Summer is an inclusive phrase all about feeling confident, having actually fun, spring good, no caring around what rather think and living your ideal life unapologetically – typically while no in a relationship.

33. What does AS/Adult Swim typical on TikTok?

The Adult Swim tendency is acquisition over TikTok, with users producing their own 'bumpers' in the style of the top Cartoon Network adult-themed programming block. Users will film themselves in random places, and then placed a caption or 'adult swim' over the top. The posts will typically be tagged through #AdultSwim or #AS.

34. What walk ALR median on TikTok?

ALR has a couple of meanings online yet the many popular meaning on tik is the is means 'alright'. The #ALR hashtag is also used on renowned videos in order to get an ext views.

35. What does YT average on TikTok?

If you've watched the letters 'YT' everywhere your because that You Page and you thought it median YouTube, girlfriend wouldn't it is in the just one. However, 'YT' is in reality a slang hatchet or abbreviation for 'white', and people usage it to refer to someone's race or skin tone.

36. What does TVA average on TikTok?

If you've to be wondering what TVA method on TikTok, or that The TVA are, then you probably haven't watched any type of of Disney+'s Loki series yet. The acronym comes from Marvel, and also it way Time Variance Authority. The TVA room a fictitious organisation that monitor and also protect the spiritual timeline in the MCU.

chasinn.loot. The word is a synonym for “drip” and “swag”, used to define someone’s outfit or style. A many

38. What walk BMS median on TikTok?

BMS, in tiktok terms, means ‘broke my scale’. The range that it’s introduce to is in reality an attractiveness scale, and also has nothing to v weight. Broke My range is offered by TikTokers as soon as commenting on people’s videos, referring to their physical attractiveness. That knew?!

39. What go KLM typical on TikTok?

Well, there's a pair of definitions for KLM. The first, follow to Urban thesaurus is the it's "another means of creating Calm, which means like good or okay." The acronym is additionally the name of a netherlands airline. KLM imperial Dutch airline (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V.) are not at this time on TikTok but there is a parody account that frequently roasts irish airline Ryanair.

40. What go Sizing Up mean on TikTok?

To you and also me, to "size up" someone method to kind a judgment of something or someone. But on TikTok, human being are finding the end that it has a entirety different definition in slang terms, a sexual an interpretation that is actually pretty awful. An entry on city Dictionary specifies "sizing up" as "when a male examines a girl thighs in order to watch if she can take cock from him".

41. What does DNI typical on TikTok?

If you've viewed 'DNI' everywhere on TikTok, it means 'Do not Interact'. The web acronym is greatly used by individuals who re-publishing NSFW and adult content that is not intended for anyone under the period of 18. The phrase allows users to signpost the they will certainly not communicate with underage people, and also signifies a content warning to minor users. Users likewise use DNI as soon as they don't desire to connect with world who support or follow certain things.

42. What does 1437 mean on TikTok?

The 1437 TikTok expression actually method "I love girlfriend forever". The phrase is all to perform with the number of letters in every word. For example, "I" is a one letter word as such the 1 in 1437 represents that. "Love" consists of four letters, “you” includes 3 letters and “forever” consists of 7 letters. Back the ax is well-known on TikTok, it's actually been provided as an abbreviation because that years in text messages and on conversation forums.

43. What go Devious Lick average on TikTok?

You’ve more than likely seen “Devious Lick” going famous on tiktok recently. The expression essentially way ’stolen goods’ or is used to define that has actually been steal in a sneaky way. The was first popularised by tiktok user
dtx.2cent who posted a video clip of a hand-sanitiser an equipment in a backpack together the caption: "Only a month right into school and also got this pure devious lick." The video clip quickly gained over 7.2 million see in 2 days.

44. What does ATP typical on TikTok?

ATP actually has actually a number of meanings on the app. The hashtag will usually refer to the ATP tennis tour, while various other slang terms mean “at this point” and also “answer the phone”. World have been making use of the abbreviation in a number of ways ~ above the app.

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45. What go the chair emoji mean on TikTok?

The chair emoji has actually started flooding comment sections on tiktok recently. The emoji is actually component of an “inside joke” began by user
blank.antho who told his followers to replace the laughing emoji v a chair. The joke went viral, and now civilization are sending out chair emojis top top videos the they discover funny.

46. What go Baka typical on TikTok?

Baka method ‘idiot’, 'stupid', ‘fool’ or 'dumb' in Japanese language. The word can considered quite crude oil in some cases, depending upon how you to speak it. Yet TikTokers – namely Anime and Manga fans – are using the in a jokey, light-hearted way.