The origin of this ax is a borrowing native a brand name of a Kraft foodstuffs product line, an initial released ~ above the market in 1965:


Almost because its inception the term has actually been obtained to described tricky move in sports, especially basketball. An example of this might be heard in the 1994 film The Air increase There.

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In the film The Air increase There, Charles Gitonga Maina"s character is taught "the Jimmy Dolan shiver n" bake move" (fake left, fake right, between your opponent"s legs) yet he to be not allowed to use it as soon as he play at Lynn University because his coach would not permit it.

Its transference to the definition of "awesome" is obvious. Placing a "shake "n" bake" move on an enemy usually intended leaving him flat-footed when the human with the ball glides past for a score. The moment to use it because that yourself would certainly be as soon as you have actually done something specifically tricky or dazzling that permits you to attain a desired goal.

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It is used when someone has just done something yes, really awesome or cool i.e. Backflip 5 times on optimal of a fence. Example:

A: go you yes, really earn $500 in the game? B: Yeah. A: Shake and also bake, baby!

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