Southern Italian (Samá): indigenous the Biblical an individual name. ... Asturian-Leonese: in some cases, a habitational surname from any kind of of various locations in Asturies named Sama. Indian (Gujarat): Hindu (Rajput) name of unknown meaning. The Samas are thought to be an offshoot the the Jadeja tribe.

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Urdu: سماHindi: समांArabic: سَمَا,سماع,سما,سماءBangla: সম DO NOT insurance the accuracy of any noted baby name and its meanings. We collected these names v our best efforts. Though if you find any kind of incorrect surname or definitions please report us. We would advise you consult a local Imam, Professor or Pop for verification before deciding to save a surname for her baby.

What is the meaning of Sama ?

Sama is baby young name mainly well-known in Muslim religion and also its main origin is Arabic. Sama name definitions is Heaven, sky, One that listens a lot. world search this name as Samaira baby girl name an interpretation in urdu, Samaira baby , Samai ra , Abdus samad , meaning of samairah, Abdul samad definition in urdu, Samaira arabic means, definition of muslim girl surname samaira, Samawal is islamic name, Noor united state samad, definition of samaira in urdu, an interpretation in hindi f samana, Samaira safreen meaning, Sama typical hindi, Samaira name meaning, Samaria to hindhu mening, Samaira urdu meaningful, Samaira urdu means, Samaira name definition in urd, an interpretation of saman, Samad urdu meaning, Samaira urdu meaning, Samairah girl name, an interpretation of samad, Samairah girl name meaning, Samaira ka meaning, Samaira with meaning, an interpretation of samaira name, Samara urdu meaning, Samaira in urdu. Sama is written in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as سما, समां, سَمَا,سماع,سما,سماء, সম. Other similar sounding names deserve to be Samaah, Samad, Samah, Samama, Saman, Samandar, Samar, Samee, Sameeah, Sameed, Sameen, Sameer, Sameera, Sameh, Samen, Samer, Samhari, Sami, Samih, Samiih.

every letter meanings in Sama Name. S Smile, it gives you challenge value. A Adaptable, whenever things readjust M Mirth, her laughter. A Accepting, your forgiving nature.
Sama name Combinations.

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You probably have google this question: My baby name is Sama and how have the right to I combine the surname Sama with various other names and also create distinct & new name? we tried to suggest Sama name combinations. You have the right to see just how it looks the surname Sama as an initial name or Sama together last name. Friend can combine the middle name for Sama and develop a distinct name.