Enjoy a tropical adventure in ~ Hilton Waikoloa Village’s very own salt-water lagoon and also white-sand beach. Teeming v tropical fish and also rare environment-friendly sea tortoise (called honu in Hawaiian), the four-acre s fed lagoon is a protected oasis perfect because that snorkeling and swimming.

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A Paradise in ~ a paradise – The Lagoon in ~ our big Island Hotel

Situated ~ above a rugged stretch of large Island lava coastline, Hilton Waikoloa Village attributes a unique, ocean-fed lagoon with its own white sand beach. Rent kayaks, pedal boats, stand-up paddle boards or water trikes and also see vibrant reef fish and also green sea turtles (or honu in Hawaiian). Discover an undercover human being while snorkeling, or simply laze roughly in a hammock.


Lagoon Toys

From pedal watercrafts to paddle boards, kayaks and also snorkeling gear, the lagoon beach shack has almost everything you need for a job of fun on the lagoon.

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Relax because that the day in your own personal cabana at Kona swimming pool or the main Lagoon.

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Take a twenty-minute seaside walk to Anaeho"omalu Bay, a renowned salt and pepper sand beach v a coconut grove the swaying palms and shade native the Pacific sun.

Known because that its vivid sunsets and also water sports, "A-Bay" is perfect for snorkeling and also swimming (equipment easily accessible for purchase). Inland from the coast is an old Hawaiian fishpond once used to raise mullet because that the Ali"i (Hawaiian royalty), including King Kamehameha. 

Guest Activities

Hilton Waikoloa village has you spanned for all her beach, pool and lagoon activities! need a mask and snorkel? No problem, we market them! Or maybe shot our stand-up paddle boards! We offer Kayak, Boogie Board, Paddle Surf plank rentals and more.

 Care For maritime Mammals & Sea tortoise (Honu)


Please quiet observe turtles indigenous a distance enabling them a clear route to deeper water.Never attract marine wildlife to technique you.Do no attempt to touch, drive or feed turtles.Remain at least 100 yards from humpback whales, and at the very least 50 yards from other maritime mammals (dolphins, various other whale species, and also Hawaiian monk seals.)Disturbing wildlife interrupts their ability to perform crucial functions such as feeding, breeding, nursing, resting or socializing. Please save your distance.

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Do no swim with wild crackhead dolphins.Please perform NOT chase, surround or closely method marine mammals.Be cautious not come surprise maritime wildlife. Loud noises and also abrupt movements deserve to startle and also stress wildlife, which deserve to react unpredictably, harming them or you.Dispose the trash properly. Monofilament fishing lines and other plastic items deserve to entangle and kill marine wildlife. Pets can wrong plastic debris because that food, which deserve to be deadly.
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