Rí Rá comes from "Rí Rá agus Ruaile Buaile", a phrase translating about as divilment, an excellent fun or any sociable task that boosts with well food, a nice pint the Guinness or theatre of Uisce Beatha (whiskey).

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About the pub

Rí Rá irish Pub, in Mandalay Place, epitomizes a true ireland pub experience. A comfortable ar environment whereby conversation flows together smoothly together Guinness ebbs in the glass. Created from a pub meticulously restored in Ireland then shipped to ras Vegas, the a hotspot for locals and also visitors alike, providing an superior line-up that live music, a considerable drink list and also fare that defies pub standards.

Custom-made with salvaged product straight indigenous Ireland, Rí Rá las Vegas catches the warm pub layout of 19th century Ireland. Every rescued artifact, including master centerpieces such together the 19th century bar, was carefully restored in county Wicklow, a scenic area just south that Dublin, and then transport to las Vegas.


The Shop Bar

The Shop Bar in ~ Rí Rá is a good authentic instance of this layout of pub, it began life in the 1880’s together Foley’s in Timoleague, West Cork. Foley’s has certain significance to Rí Rá together it was in the family members of among our founders, Ciaran Sheehan, for generations. Ciaran’s grandfather re-built the pub in 1921 as soon as it was burned down throughout the Irish civil War. Ciaran’s aunt was the last landlady in Foley’s. Ciaran has lovingly revitalized the bar, i m sorry played critical role in his personal family history. Sit and also enjoy a pint and also a chat and also you will be transported earlier in time come the quintessential irish county pub you would visit if on a pilgrimage to Ireland.



The victor Bar

When you pass with Foley’s Shop Bar, you go into an authentic victorian Bar, do in the warm pub layout of 19th century Dublin and also custom-made through salvaged material straight indigenous Ireland. In pride of ar is an initial statue of St. Patrick. Weighing 500lbs, the statue is make from carved plaster, a method that to be popular about 1850-1880. St. Patrick is housed in victor paneling salvaged indigenous a north Ireland Bank and the beautiful victor bar itself complete with the initial ceiling medallions, victorian floor and black Kilkenny limestone counter.


The Whiskey Bar

A salvaged Georgian archway leads from the victorian Bar into the Whiskey Bar. Main in the Whiskey bar is the initial glazed jewelers cabinet, circa 1910, revitalized mahogany paneling indigenous a bank and the oak floor i beg your pardon actually come from an old whiskey distillery, developing the perfect ambiance to consider and also enjoy the range of various whiskeys available.

Last year the Whiskey Bar won the ‘Best whiskey/Bourbon choice in las Vegas’ and the ‘Best Scotch choice in ras Vegas’ follow to the ras Vegas testimonial Journal.

The Bordello Room

The Bordello Room is one unexpected surprise gem and also the newest addition to the pub. That is designed with the idea that invoking ‘the architectural feel’ the the classic high-end Bordello of larger times, conjuring up feelings of opulence, indulgence and also luxury. This private lounge and also bar has high black color ceilings, warm, intimate interiors and also soft low lighting. The victor colors that deep red and also gold produce a richness come the room the is complimented by the plush velvet curtains that hang follow me the entrance ways. Antique yellow gilt frames and mirrors line the walls and ornate, hand do chandeliers dangle gracefully from the ceiling. Reflect from the glistening gold mirrored ‘disco’ ball dance across the room and also adds a feeling of quirkiness and also old school course to the atmosphere.

Rí Rá in the Community

Here in ~ Rí Rá, us love to lug our feeling of family to the community and also enjoy being involved with local neighborhood groups such as help Nevada to do our ar a far better place to live, work and socialize in.

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We are particularly proud of our outreach work. We space heavily affiliated with neighborhood charities and try to give ago to the community that therefore graciously welcomed us to the neighborhood. We organize an annual event in March because that the Saint Baldrick’s structure for Childhood Cancer and have to date raised over $250,000.