Spanish Verb REGAR: to water

The Spanish verb regar means "to irrigate " and is an irregular Spanish AR verb.

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To psychic this, imagine the REGGAE singer irrigates his crops! Regar renders conjugation alters in the Present, existing Subjunctive and Imperative tenses by including an accent to the i. During a part of November a new irregular IAR verb is featured every day to enable you come consolidate this AR verb family. You will discover other verbs with comparable patterns such together sosegar, trasegar, fregar, plegar, and also others.I uncover that the fastest and easiest method to learn and REMEMBER brand-new Spanish words is v memory cause cartoon pictures. It renders them harder to forget.Read on, listed below the REGAR verb table... to irrigate: regarImagine the REGGAE singer irrigates his crops!VERB shortcut TABLE regarSimple tenses regarTENSEyoél, ella, ustednosotrosvosotrosellos, ellas, ustedesPresentPresenteirrigateriegoriegasriegaregamosregáisrieganImperfectImperfectoirrigatedregabaregabasregabaregábamosregabaisregabanPreteritPretéritoirrigatedreguéregastereguóregamosregasteisregaronFutureFuturowill irrigateregaréregarásregaráregaremosregaréisregaránConditionalCondicionalwould irrigateregaríaregaríasregaríaregaríamosregaríaisregaríanSubjunctiveSubjuntivomay irrigaterieguerieguesrieguereguemosreguéisrieguenImperfect SubjunctiveImperfecto de Subjuntivomay irrigateregararegarasregararegáramosregaraisregaranregaseregasesregaseregásemosregaseisregasenImperative tenses regarImperativeImperativoirrigate!¡riega!¡riegue!¡reguemos!¡regad!¡rieguen!Negative ImperativeImperativo Negativodon"t irrigate!¡no riegues!¡no riegue!¡no reguemos!¡no reguéis!¡no rieguen!Compound tense regar - past Participle regado - irrigatedPresent PerfectPerfecto de Indicativohave irrigatedhe regadohas regadoha regadohemos regadohabéis regadohan regadoPreterit PerfectPretérito Anteriorhad irrigatedhube regadohubiste regadohubo regadohubimos regadohubisteis regadohubieron regadoPast PerfectPluscuamperfectohad irrigatedhabía regadohabías regadohabía regadohabíamos regadohabíais regadohabían regadoPresent Perfect SubjunctivePresente perfectohave irrigatedhaya regadohayas regadohaya regadohayamos regadohayáis regadohayan regadoFuture PerfectFuturo Perfectowill have irrigatedhabré regadohabrás regadohabrá regadohabremos regadohabréis regadohabrán regadoConditional PerfectCondicional Perfectowould have actually irrigatedhabría regadohabrías regadohabría regadohabríamos regadohabríais regadohabrían regadoPluperfectPluscuamperfectomay have irrigatedhubiera regadohubieras regadohubiera regadohubiéramos regadohubierais regadohubieran regadohubiese regadohubieses regadohubiese regadohubiésemos regadohubieseis regadohubiesen regadoProgressive Tenses: current Participle regando - irrigatingPresent ProgressivePresente Progressivoam irrigatingestoy regandoestás regandoestá regandoestamos regandoestá regandoestán regandoPreterit ProgressivePretéritowas irrigatingestuve regandoestuviste regandoestuvo regandoestuvimos regandoestuvisteis regandoestuvieron regandoImperfect ProgressiveImperfectohad been irrigatingestaba regandoestabas regandoestaba regandoestábamos regandoestabais regandoestaban regandoFuture ProgressiveFuturo Perfectowill it is in irrigatingestaré regandoestarás regandoestará regandoestaremos regandoestaréis regandoestarán regandoConditional ProgressiveCondicional perfectowould"ve to be irrigatingestaría regandoestarías regandoestabría regandoestaríamos regandoestaríais regandoestarían regandoSubjunctive ProgressiveSubjuntivomay"ve been irrigatingque ~ regandoque ~ regandoque ~ regandoque ~ regandoque ~ regandoque ~ regando more Spanish Lessons choose the Spanish verb REGAR | add Daily Spanish lessons to her Website complimentary MORE ~ above the SPANISH VERB regar

MORE ~ above the SPANISH VERB regar

regar can likewise mean: to water, to hose down; to spill; to spread out (ie news); coll. Come wash under (ie food).
la regata (nf): watering channel, stream; also regatta.
Regamos ras plantas cada día: we water the plants every day.
vos replace instead instead - you, informal, singular - - in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and also in some countries of central America. Occasionally it additionally replaces the officially singular "Usted".In rarely often, rarely AR verbs, the conjugations continue to be the exact same as for except for the addition of accents in the complying with tenses:Presente: vos regásPresente de Subjuntivo: vos riegues / regués

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The Spanish verb for irrigate regar is one Irregular AR verb.Learn to conjugate regar and also it will certainly reinforce this irregular pattern. The same uses to the assorted patterns. Every month we feature a day-to-day verb from among the major pattern groups.Repeating these tables big 10 times throughout the day will much better embed the patterns right into your subconscious, and your lengthy term memory.Reciting great is a great way because that you to exercise your pronunciation, and helps you come memorize the conjugations.

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There room many much more Spanish Verb Tables like this one.YOU can conveniently add similar daily Spanish verb great to her website - free through copying and pasting part code we give you.You can an ext easily remember words and verbs favor the Spanish for irrigate regar using the methods of the world"s memory Masters.

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