"I don"t remember telling you to use a Shield Charm… however there is no doubt the it to be effective…"-- Severus Snape to Harry throughout Occlumency lessons (OP26)

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This spell creates a magical obstacle that will certainly deflect hexes thrown at the caster. 

History and Notes

In 1484 in the city of Poppleton, the tyrannical Earl the Paunchley held a jousting match. He insisted that all the nobles for miles about must involved cheer the on in ~ the tournament and also "no excuse would be acceptable" for absent the event. However young Edmund Gaddlegate fell out of a tree that day and broke his leg, and also his mother put him come bed. The Earl wouldn"t hear of anyone staying home, therefore he dragged Edmund and also his mother to the castle, and also said the mother had to watch while her boy was tied to a horse and forced to complete in the jousting. The other knights left the competition "in disgust" at the idea of jousting v a little injured boy, so the Earl vowed the he self would strike Edmund. But a witch in the crowd named Hannah Cockleford had actually other ideas. Fed up v the angry Earl, she cast an extremely strong Shield Charm between Edmund and the Earl, who was "squashed flat in his armour" as soon as the Shield Charm knocked him backwards and also his equine landed ~ above him. The Earl the Paunchley did not die, however when he came-to he was under the impression that he to be a donkey called Hairy Cyril (BoS).

References indigenous the canon

When Credence Barebone forms into an Obscurus ~ the killing of Irma Dugard, Grimmson protects himself v a domed shield charm. The Obscurus assaults the dome but is can not to rest it (CG56)There are several versions of the incantation. "Protego Totalum" or "protect everything" was supplied by Hermione to surround your dwelling locations with security while on the run from the fatality Eaters (DH14,DH22). "Protego horribilis" loosley interpreted as "protect indigenous the horrible" casts a security shield over a broad area, as Flitwick did making use of a "strong wind" to lug it at the battle of hogwarts (DH30).Harry learned this spell in his preparations for the 3rd task (GF31).Harry used the Shield Charm to defend himself against Snape"s Legilimency throughout Occlumency training and also found himself suddenly seeing few of Snape"s storage (OP26).On the first day the DADA in sixth Year, the class practiced quiet Shield Charms.

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Snape assumed Ron to be doing a "pathetic" job of his and also decided to turn his wand towards Harry as component of the lesson, because Harry had actually done the assignment silently the year before. Harry reacted instinctively through shouting the incantation "Protego" and knocking Snape right into a desk (HBP9).Harry offered this order to defend himself and also to stop various death Eaters from Summoning the prophecy away from him during the battle of the room of Mysteries (OP35, OP36).Mentioned as Shield Charm in to adjust leaflet (HBP3).According to the twins, numerous adult wizards together of Harry"s sixth year cannot actors this order properly, therefore the popular of the Weasleys" wizard Wheezes "Shield" apparel line (HBP6).Ron, grasping at straws, speculates that Moody might have offered a Shield Charm against the killing Curse (DH6).Cast by Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, and also various various other wedding guests after Shacklebolt delivered his warning (DH9).Cast by harry to protect Ron from Hermione (DH19).Cast by Hermione in ~ the waterfall (DH25).Cast by Snape throughout his duel through McGonagall (DH30).Used by Harry in ~ the start of his final duel through Voldemort (DH36).Scorpius Malfoy discusses through Professor Snape, Hermione Granger and also Ron Weasley what spells he and also Albus Potter had actually used to change time - so the they have the right to be reversed, both by utilizing the Shield Charm (CC3.7, CC3.8, CC3.9).