earlier to words index back to Spatial indigenous index South, North the "toward the south" signifies right into goods and also truths, and also thus into a state of light as to the interiors, is evident from the signification that "the south." the "the south" signifies a state that light, comes from the reality that there room neither soldier nor times in the other life, yet states which are signified by quarters and also times. The says of intellectual things room as the claims of the times of the day and of the year, and also as the says of the quarters. The states of the day are those that evening, night, morning, and also noon; the says of the year are those that autumn, winter, spring, and summer; and the states of the quarters room those of the sun, in its relationship to the west, the north, the east, and also the south. Comparable to these are the states of intellectual things. And, what is wonderful, in sky those are in light who space in a state the wisdom and also intelligence, specifically according to their state; those being in the biggest light who are in a state of the greatest wisdom and also intelligence; yet the wisdom over there is the of love and also charity, and the knowledge is that of belief in the Lord. The in the various other life there is irradiate to i m sorry the light of the human being can scarcely it is in compared, is to me a fact established by lot experience, and because over there is in sky such a correspondence between light and intellectual things, because of this in the Word, in this and also in various other passages, nothing else is signified in the internal sense through "the south." "The south" right here signifies the intelligence which is procured by method of knowledges. This knowledges are celestial and also spiritual truths, i beg your pardon in heaven are so many radiations that light, and also they are likewise presented visible by means of the light, as prior to stated. As the lord was currently to be imbued v knowledges in order that regarding the human being Essence also He might end up being the really Light of heaven, it is right here said the "Abram journeyed, going and journeying toward the south." <2> the this is the signification the "the south," may be watched from similar passages in the Word, as in Isaiah:-- I will say to the north, Give; and to the south, store not back; lug My sons native far, and My daughters indigenous the end of the earth (Isaiah 43:6); "the north" denotes those who room in ignorance; "the south" those who are in knowledges; "sons" truths; and "daughters" goods. Again:-- If thou draw out thy spirit to the hungry, and also satisfy the afflicted soul, climate shall your light increase in the darkness, and thy special darkness as the noonday (or south-meridies) (Isaiah 58:10); to "draw out the soul to the hungry and also to meet the afflicted soul," denotes the products of charity in general; the "light climbing in the darkness," means that castle shall have actually the intelligence of truth; and "the special darkness as the south," means that lock shall have actually the wisdom that good; "the south," native its heat, signifies good, and from that light, truth. <3> In Ezekiel:-- In the visions that God lugged He me into the floor of Israel, and set me upon a really high mountain, whereon was as it to be the building of a city top top the south (Ezekiel 40:2) worrying the brand-new Jerusalem, or the Lord"s kingdom, which, because it is in the light of wisdom and also intelligence, is "on the south." In David:-- Jehovah shall lug forth thy righteousness as the light, and also thy judgment as the noonday (Ps. 37:6). Again:-- she shalt not be afraid for the terror that the night, because that the arrow that flieth through day, because that the pestilence that walketh in the thick darkness, for the devastation that wasteth at noonday (or in the south) (Ps. 91:6, 6); "not to are afraid for the damage that wasteth in the south," method not to be afraid because of the damnation which come upon those who are in knowledges and also pervert them. In Ezekiel:-- boy of man, set thy confront toward the south, and drop (thy word) come the south, and prophesy to the woodland of the field of the south, and also say to the woodland of the south, All deals with from the southern to the phibìc shall be melted in she (Ezekiel 20:46, 47); "the woodland of the south," denotes those who are in the light of truths, and also who extinguish it, and also thus those that this character who space within the church. <4> In Daniel:-- out of one of them there went forth a tiny horn, and it thrived exceedingly towards the south, and toward the east, and toward beauty, beauty (decus), and it grew even to the army of the heavens (Daniel 8:9, 10); meaning those that fight versus goods and also truths. In Jeremiah:-- provide glory to Jehovah her God, prior to He maketh it prosper dark, and also before her feet stumble upon the hills of twilight and also ye look because that light, and also He revolve it into the zero of death, that shall make it thick darkness the cities of the south shall it is in shut, and there is none to open (Jeremiah 13:16, 19); "the urban of the south" represent the knowledges that truth and good. In Obadiah:-- The bondage of Jerusalem i beg your pardon is in Sepharad candlestick inherit the urban of the south (Obadiah 1:20); "the urban of the south" represent in like manner truths and goods; for this reason the very truths and also goods of i m sorry they space the heirs the Lord"s kingdom is below treated of. AC 1458 The signification the the southern toward the south, is the interior and also inmost things where fact is in the light; for by the southern is signified a state of light, which is a state of knowledge from truths, and thus an internal state; because that light (and v the irradiate intelligence and wisdom) in the heavens, increases toward more interior things; and also farther indigenous these fact is in shade, i m sorry state of truth is signified through the north. Native this then it is the by the edge of the south toward the south is signified even to the interior and also inmost things where truth is in light. <2> The same is signified by the south or noonday in Isaiah:-- I will say come the north, give up; and also to the south, save not back; lug My sons indigenous far, and My daughters indigenous the end of the planet (Isa. 43:6); in this i a new church is treated of; saying to the phibìc denotes come those who are in darkness or ignorance concerning the truths that faith, who space the nations exterior the church; speak to the southern denotes come those who room in irradiate from the knowledges of an excellent and truth, who space those who room within the church; wherefore it is said to the latter that they have to not save back, however to the previous that lock should provide up. <3> In Ezekiel:-- set thy deals with toward the south, and drop toward the south, and also prophesy against the woodland of the ar unto the south; and also say to the woodland of the south, Behold, i kindle a fire in thee, and also it shall devour every eco-friendly tree in thee, and also all deals with from the south to the phibìc shall be burned. Collection thy deals with toward Jerusalem, and drop against the divine places, and prophesy against the land of Israel (Ezek. 20:46, 47; 21:2); the south right here denotes those who are in the light of truth from the Word, thus those who room of the church, but who space in falsities i m sorry they check from the sense of the letter of the Word mistakenly unfolded; whence that is said, the woodland of the ar unto the south, and the woodland of the south. A woodland denotes whereby memory-knowledge reigns; however a garden, where truth reigns. Indigenous this that is level what is signified by setup the encounters toward the south, and dropping (words) towards the south, and also prophesying against the woodland of the ar unto the south; and also afterward by setting the encounters toward Jerusalem, and also dropping against the divine places, and prophesying against the soil of Israel; for Jerusalem and the floor of Israel denote the church, and also the holy places there signify the points which room of the church. <4> In Isaiah:-- If thou attract out thy heart to the hungry, and sate the afflicted soul; then thy irradiate shall to happen in darkness, and also thy special darkness chandelier be as the noonday (Isa. 58:10); wherein darkness and also thick darkness denote ignorance of truth and good; when light and also the noonday signify the expertise of them. Again:-- carry forth counsel, execute judgment; make thy shadow prefer the night in the midst of the noonday; hide the outcasts; reveal not the wanderer (Isa. 16:3); whereby in the middle of the noonday denotes in the midst of the light of truth. In Jeremiah:-- Sanctify ye the battle versus the daughter of Zion; arise, and let united state go up right into the south, because that the job is going away, for the shadows of the evening have actually been bent under (Jer. 6:4); where going up into the south denotes versus the church, in which fact is in irradiate from the Word. In Amos:-- I will certainly make the sun go under at noon, and I will darken the earth in the day of irradiate (Amos 8:9); denoting the extinguishing of every the irradiate of fact from the Word. <5> In David:-- thou shalt not be afraid because that the dread the night, nor for the arrow that flieth through day; for the pestilence in the thick darkness, because that the death that wasteth in ~ noonday (Ps. 91:5, 6); the dread that night denotes the falsities of evil which room from hell; the arrowhead that flieth by day, the falsity i beg your pardon is open minded taught; the fatality that wasteth in ~ noonday, the angry which is openly live in, by which truth is ruined where it can be in its light from the Word. <6> Again:-- The prophecy the the wilderness that the sea. As whirlwinds native the south, to happen through; the cometh from the wilderness, from a terrible land (Isa. 21:1). The he-goat that the goats magnified himself exceedingly; and his horn prospered toward the south, and also toward the east, and also toward comeliness; and also it grew also unto the army of the heavens, and some the the army and of the stars it actors down to the earth, and trampled upon lock (Dan. 8:8-10); the subject right here treated that is the state of the future church, and it is foretold that the church will perish with the doctrine of confidence separated indigenous the an excellent of charity; the he-goat the the goats denotes such a belief (AR 4169, 4769); the horn farming toward the south denotes the strength of falsity therefrom versus truths; toward the east denotes versus goods; towards comeliness denotes versus the church; unto the military of the heavens denotes against all the goods and also truths of heaven; casting down to the planet some that the army and also of the stars denotes to damage these goods and truths, and the very knowledges of good and fact (AR 4697). <7> In the very same prophet is explained a war in between the king the the south and also the king that the north (chap. 11), and also by the king of the southern is signified the irradiate of fact from the Word, and also by the king of the north thinking from memory-knowledges around truths; the alternations that the church to be to undergo until it should perish, are explained by the various occasions of this war. <8> together the south signified truth in light, it was ordained that the people of Reuben, Simeon, and Gad need to encamp toward the southern (Num. 2:10-15); the encampments stood for the setting in stimulate of all points in the heavens in accordance v the truths and goods of faith and also love (AR 4236, 8103, 8193, 8196); and the twelve tribes which encamped signified every truths and goods in the complicated (AR 3858, 3862, 3926, 3939, 4060, 6335, 6337, 6397, 6640, 7836, 7891, 7996, 7997); by the people of Reuben to be signified the fact of belief in doctrine (AR 3861, 3866, 5542); by the tribe of Simeon, the derivative truth of belief in life (AR 3869-3872, 4497, 4502, 4503, 5482); and by the tribe of Gad to be signified functions from this truths (AR 6404, 6405). This reflects why these people were encamped toward the south; for all points of truth, that is, of faith, belong come the south, because they belong to light. <9> From every this that is now evident what is signified through the edge of the south, namely, wherein the state of reality is in light. Because that all says of the good of love and also of the truth of faith are signified by the 4 corners that the earth - states of the an excellent of love by the edge of the east, and the corner of the west, and states of the reality of faith by the corner of the south, and the corner of the phibìc In like manner through the 4 winds in this passages:-- Angels stand on the 4 corners of the earth, holding back the 4 winds of the earth, that the wind must not punch on the ear (Rev. 7:1). Satan shall go forth to seduce the countries which space in the four corners the the planet (Rev. 20:8). That shall send His angels, and also they chandelier gather with each other His elect from the 4 winds, from the ends of the heavens to the end of castle (Matt. 24:31). Come from the four winds, O breath, and also breathe into these slain, that they might live (Ezek. 37:9). <10> together by these winds, the is, by this quarters, were signified all points of great and of truth, therefore all points of heaven and of the church, and by the holy place was signified sky or the church, thus it has been customary from ancient times to place temples in one east and west direction, since the eastern signified the good of love in its rising, and also the west, the an excellent of love in its going down. This had actually its origin from the representatives in which to be the ancients that belonged to the church. AC 9642 ago to indigenous index, earlier to Spatial words table of contents Author: E. Swedenborg (1688-1772). Design: I.J.

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