“Hi!! I"m so sorry to an insect you through this, yet I observed your prize to the one question about Russian nicknames and also I to be wondering if I could ask because that some help rq. I"ve been trying to find affectionate terms (e.g. Baby, love, honey, darling, etc.) in Russian for YOI fanfiction purposes and also was wonder if you can list a couple of ones to call a male lover? It seems I can only uncover ones in the feminine form. Thanku!”

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other examples:

душа моя (dusha moya) - "my soul’свет моих очей (svet moih ochey) - "the irradiate of mine eyes’. A quite old one, im notsure someone supplies it on day-to-day basis, usually personalities in old russian literaturewould referred favor that. However is sounds very romantic and i personal love itлюбовь моя (lyubov moya) - "my love’мой хороший хороший мой (moi horoshiyhoroshiy moi) because that males; моя хорошаяхорошая моя (moyahoroshayahoroshya moya) because that females - converts as "my good’, an interpretation "mydear’ or smthрадость моя (radost’ moya) - "my joy’

you noticed continuous moi or moya in critical ones? thatsright, russian affectionate terms are really often accompanied v word "my’ (моймоя (moimoya)), and also sometimes some nicknamesarent usually offered separated native it!

russians typically use mine + nickname mix tosound much more intimate and also show closeness to dubbed person, which well is prettyobvious, ns know, however we really execute use that a lot

some the previous examples sounds even better andare much more used with "my’

мой (moi) is for grammatically masculine genderedwords, моя (moya) for grammaticallyfemale gendered words and also моё (moyo) - grammar neutral genderedwords tho

рыба моя (riba moya) - "my fish’.

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Yes we call human being like that and also its cute inour understandingзая моя (zaya moya) - "my bunny’золотце моё (zolotse moye) - "my goldie’милый мой (miliy moi) for males; милая моя(milaya moya) for females - "my dear’сладкий мой (sladkiy moi) because that males; сладкая моя (sladkaya moya) because that females -"my sweetmy sweetie’

and yeah, we usually write "my’ after ~ the affectionateterm. Its grammatically exactly in this case and sounds better.

actually in russian you have the right to use prefer every cutesounding word together affectionate nickname?? also english ’pumpkin’ sounds verycute in russian - тыковка (tikovka) , and also i would certainly love if someone dubbed me like that, despitethe reality its not common term

ive review some fic wherein vitya called yuuri:ангел мойангелочек мой (angelmoiangelochek moi) - "my angel’звезда моязвездочка моя (zvezdazvezdockamoya) - "my star’which you deserve to use together well!! the variety of possibilities is unbelievable

woopsie this one obtained very huge as well… hopeit was informative and also still understanding!!