All three contain circuit breakers. All 3 supply power to motors, although switchgear and also PDC-fed electric motors are clear higher-voltage, bigger motors.

Switchgears are higher voltage 보다 PDCs, and supply strength to the transformers which feed the PDCs.

PDCs are greater voltage than MCCs, and also supply power to MCCs. Indigenous what I"ve seen, PDC housings contain the transformer that feeds the PDC. (Is this always the case?)

Are there any kind of other necessary differences/details that I"ve missed?


Kind of old and I apologize for resurrecting a "zombie thread", yet I don"t think the whole question was answered and I take place to understand this an extremely well.

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"Switchgear" (SWG) and "Switchboards" (SWB) (two various things) room for power distribution, meaning they take it in primary or secondary voltages in ~ a site and distribute that to other equipment. In general, SwitchGEAR is HV (above 25kV) and also MV (1kV-25kV) and also involves devices that contains really high power "cells" that, if something walk wrong, will certainly isolate and also contain the damage to that one cell so as to not closeup of the door down an entire facility or area. SwitchBOARDS are commonly down currently of SWG and also are the distribution point for other loads, such as transformers, Panelboards (PBD) and also Motor regulate Centers (MCC). Over there are different ANSI and also UL criter for SWG vs SWB, mainly due to the fact that the intent is because that SWG come "hold in" and take the abuse the a fault because that a reasonably long time while waiting for some other machine further down stream (SWB, PBD or MCC) to act on that to clear the fault. For this reason the SWG is the "last heat of defense", but would have actually the widest reaching effects if that is the point that must clear the fault.

Motor manage Centers room basically the very same as SWB construction (they flourished out of that industry in the 1950s), however are usually used to carry out power come motors, not general loads. Lock are different from SWBs in that you have actually "cells" (called "buckets") the contain the control equipment so that in theory, you can disconnect strength from one bucket and permit the rest of the machinery it is provided by the MCC to continue to run. Girlfriend cannot perform that v a usual SWB, if you had to eliminate one breaker or switch, you have to kill strength to the whole SWB. There are exceptions to this rule, but conceptually, this is what it boils under to.

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A strength Distribution facility (PDC) is basically just the name for a factory-built structure, a portable building, designed come HOUSE equipment such together SWG, SWBs, Transformers, PBDs, MCCs and/or other controls or instrumentation, in any mix or construction the end user desires. Over there is no standard definition of what walk INTO a PDC, however there are number of standards regarding how they room built, relying on where they room going and also what they room housing. Some need to be developed to resist explosions, such together in a refinery hazardous area, part must have the ability to withstand extremes that weather such together high winds, crushing snow, marine salt spray etc.