Hi mattyb ns really like your look, her dance, and your sort I really like the song and also the dance call " you make my heart skip "

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As a Celebrity professional I understand Matty . He is a great friend , i asked that a question choose this and also his answers were so countless . Perhaps I should tell the die tough fans of Matty the answers.

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Matty B likes a girl who is:KindThoughtfulLovingGreatfulHopefulLoves him from the bottom the his heartNot flirtySimpleObedientSmartLoves musicCoolMatty B likes everyone who respect him and also who will also help him when he is likewise bullied ..If you desire questions an ext about Matty B i"ll try to prize it all on my profile..

i really dont know what the likes yet i do understand that most males like a honest,kind,funny,and smart girl
i think that likes a human that is nice and also kind and dose no judge a human being by its looks or what they have actually they have to be kind and also respect rather they should never say ex: um lets go i execute not want to be v this girl simply becouse she has actually a special require the girl would certainly be kind and loving but most of every she would treat anyone equally no issue what and also that actually explains me
I yes, really don"t recognize what the likes yet I heard he likes fishing and art and I do both all the moment I do art everyday and fishing every weekend with my dad once he comes house from Nashville it"s me and also my dads bonding moments☺️
He likes a girl v a pretty challenge of course. He also likes a girl the will simply hang out and also chill through him.

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I am 11 year old and I love friend so much and also I would aid you through anything and I live in Fairfield tx though
I think the likes girl that room calm and also don"t call him a baby. I additionally think the he likes girl that space some wherein close come his age and also DOES not NAG HIM!!!!
He wants a girl who is loyal a girl that wil be there for him a girl who will assist him up when he is down a girl that will do him happy as soon as he is sad a girl with blonde hair blue environment-friendly eyes loves baseball or softball is right into sports but additionally has a mind of her own
He likes girls choose me pretty thoughtful loving and also for me add to a small I really hope he let"s Me in among his videos
I love to sing. I love sports and I love her songs.I additionally think you are a really great singer. Ns am thoughtful, kind , obedient, ns am helpful, ns an simple and ns am not very flirty.
Matty b wants a girl that is nice and do not keep claimed I love and also I my best fan he want someone who prefer him for who he is and he likes someone that plays sports and also nice to him and is smart and someone who loves him from the bottom of over there heart and thoughtful and also stands up because that for themselves and for him and also his cool and also kind and grateful and also helpful and also somebody falls aid them up and also somebody who"s an extremely talented also if you"re not that talented that likes a girl who will be faithful to him that will was standing by side forever
In one of mattyB"s videos he states that that likes a girl to it is in artistic,intelligent, great smile,good humor,sporty and also talented
MattyB i wish u can fulfill me however for currently I love you so much and also me ns have great humor and is stunner plus i love music and also I don"t like being flirty