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Toketemu has actually been multimedia storyteller because that the last four years. Her expertise focuses primarily on mental wellness and women’s wellness topics.

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Emily is a truth checker, editor, and also writer who has expertise in psychology, health and also lifestyle content.


What does Layla Mean?

Layla is an old Arabic name the has numerous meanings. The many common meaning for the name in Arabic is “night,” or “dark.” This frequently feminine name is likewise thought to have actually Hebrew origins and also also means “night” or “dark.”

The name, Layla, is frequently given to infant girls who are born in ~ night to signify the time in i beg your pardon they to be born. In part interpretations, the name additionally could average “dark beauty.” among the earliest uses of the name was in the Arabian legend of Qays and also Layla.

The story that Qays and Layla is a story the unrequited love that resulted in the death of Qays. The story to be told again by Nezami Ganjavi, a Persian poet in the 12th century, in his poem “Layla and also Majnun.” The story to be immensely popular throughout medieval time in Arabia and Persia, which many likely contributed to its popular in those regions. 

Origin: Layla has actually Arabic and also Hebrew origins.Gender: Layla is in history a feminine name but can be offered to any type of gender. Pronunciation: lay-la

Although numerous baby names are separated by gender, Verywell household believes the sex does not have to play a duty in your name choice process. It’s crucial to choose a name the you feeling suits your new baby the best.

How renowned is the name Layla?

When Derek and the Dominos released a tune in the 1970s called “Layla,” this is thought to have contributed to the popularity of the name in the unified States. About this time, the first recorded use of the name was listed in the U.S., and it has actually grown in popularity because then.

Layla's popularity has experienced a steady rise due to the fact that 2001. In the year, 947 babies were offered the name. Simply 18 years later on in 2019, a chuck 6,491 babies were named Layla in the united States, which to be the optimal of its popularity.

According to 2020 data native the Social protection Administration, Layla is the 24th most popular name because that girls in the unified States. American singer and songwriter, Tanya Tucker, called her baby Layla. Plus, it is believed that the popularity of the surname Kayla also contributed come the popularity of Layla. Parents who were looking for a comparable name or a twisted on the name Kayla had tendency to opt for Layla. 

Laela Laila (Arabic, Urdu)LaylahLeila (Persian, Georgian, Arabic)Leilah (English)Lela (English)Leyla (Arabic, Kurdish, Azerbaijani, Persian)Lyla (English)Lylah (English)

typical Nicknames

Layla is a short and also sweet name made up of just two syllables. As a result, most world find no require to kind nicknames out of it. However, two usual nicknames because that Layla encompass Lala and Lulu. 

Famous human being Named Layla

If you are considering the surname Layla for your baby, here are some famous people who would certainly share the name v her: 

Layla Ali, expert boxer and also daughter of Muhammad Ali Layla El, brothers model, dancer, wrestler, and real-estate agentLayla Hanbury, Australian hip-hop artist and songwriter Layla Kaylif, brother Emirati singer and also songwriter Layla McCarter, American skilled boxer 

Leila is one of the most common variants that the name Layla. In some regions, the even an ext popular than Layla. If you room considering this different for your baby, here are some inspiring women who are additionally named Leila: 

Leila Ben-Gacem, Tunisian society entrepreneur Leila Goldkuhl, American model Leila Hyams, American film actress and also modelLeila Lopes, Angolan actress and model crowned miss Universe in 2011Leila Mourad, Egyptian singer and also actress Leila Pahlavi, Princess the Iran 

Still looking for the perfect infant name? examine out these associated baby surname lists for even more options:

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