The brand-new Black Ops Zombie maps contain number of Perk a Cola drinks makers that give the player power ups. These include; quicker shooting; quicker reload; the capacity to save other players faster and an ext health for yourself.Drinks play vital part in the zombie game, this is especially true throughout the later levels once zombie strikes come in ~ a great speed and intensity. There is much debate as to which drink is the ideal one to buy, they"re not cheap so selecting wisely is important. Plenty of players agree the the Juggernog drink is the best one come buy first because it enables you to stay alive longer. This that course gives you an ext chance the buying other drinks. If you"re playing in single player mode, the rapid revive drink is same as an excellent as Juggernog if you want to progress to the later levels.Important points about drink perks:On many of the zombies maps, friend will should turn top top the power prior to you deserve to buy any of the drinks.During solitary player, you can buy drinks without transforming on the powerIf you gain taken under you will loosened all of your perks.Juggernog and also Speed Cola room the best drinksQuick revive deserve to be supplied on you yourself in single player ZombiesEach the the black color Ops Zombie drink is covered in detail below:


This drink increases your health and wellness so you deserve to take an ext hits native the Zombies. After you drink this perk you deserve to take double the number of hits, so this bring away it up to 4 hits. Juggernog is the red drink an equipment on the Zombie maps and you will require 2500 points to buy one in multiplayer mode (single player prices is lower).The Juggernog drink can be discovered in the starting room the Verruckt, just head right and also it"s behind the respond to of weapons.Where is the Juggernog machine?Verruckt - in starting room with German weaponsDer Riese - left of the bridge and also near the Bouncing BettyKino der Toten - in the room through rubble by the speech room

Quick Revive

Drinking the quick Revive perk will enable you to revive other players 4 times faster. It is the cheapest of the drinks and also can it is in easily uncovered by looking for the blue dispenser machine.The price of fast Revive is 1500 point out (in multiplayer) however can be provided to recreation two various other players at once. That can additionally be used in solitary player mode to recovery yourself and costs only 500 points. This deserve to be excellent only once though, and also you should be one more Quick revive drink to usage again. The advantage of fast Revive in single player is that you don"t must turn on the power first.In multiplayer Zombies, when merged with the Monkey Bombs that is possible to become the medic that the group. Just through the Monkey Bomb to distract the zombies and heal your team mates. Where is rapid Revive machine?
Verruckt - American beginning roomDer Riese - Dr Maxis officeKino der Toten - starting roomFive - starting room

Double insanity Beer

The yellow / brown spring drinks device contains the twin Tap drink perk. This perk boosts your price of fire and also is considered to be one of the worst drink as many weapons have actually high rates of fire already. For quick firing tools this eats up bullets also quickly and also accuracy is essentially. The is a an excellent perk just if you have slow firing tools such together shotgun or sniper, return these are useless in later on levels anyway.This drink prices 2000 points to buy.

Speed Cola

This drink renders reloading tools much faster and also helps you rebuild obstacles faster (but not drastically faster).

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This drink is the most expensive at 3000 points and also could be conveniently lost if you get downed. This describes why many players opt to gain the Juggernog drink first.The rate Cola drink an equipment is the eco-friendly coloured one.Where is the rate Cola machine?
Verruckt - in the room between the best balcony and also the kitchenDer Riese - best in the middle of the mapKino der Toten - under the stair in the Foyer room 5 - in the elevator room near the elevator