Wiktionary provides two definitions of "jo" through 2 different pronunciations and possible origins, with alternate meanings pertained to "yes". However I have actually seen "Jö" rarely in part German chats. I view that "nö" is a empathic or also silly variant of "no", but what around jö?

Or is it nonsense ?


Nö is common, as with nee, or regionally naa. Jö is something i haven't heard before. Ns would see it together nonsense or consisted of on the spot, but it may additionally just it is in a thing I haven't come across yet.

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Jö is typical in austria, yet I'm not sure how to explain what that means, I'd say that something is either cute or unforeseen in a confident way, similar to 'Oh, schau mal!' or 'Oooh ist das süß!'. It's not associated to 'ja'.

A good song is 'jö schau' native Georg Danzer https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/J%C3%B6_schau

https://youtu.be/AgVVBgTF-eg (sec 42)

Jö is dialect

edit for clarification: It‘s regional, ns observed Jö together yes in regions approximately Kyffhäuser and some places around Kiel and heard that in the army from our „Ossi“ friends more thsn once. For the linguists below telling me I spread misinformation -> obtain out of her books and travel different places regionally, when fundamentally regularly the exact same swabian is a great example, Ulm speak a means different swabian than Biberach or Augsburg, we deserve to go additional away native „core“ swabia prefer Stuttgart and also Memmingen and also we get different results for the way it‘s talked and used.

In Switzerland, you use „jö“ together an expression of exactly how cute you discover something.

: Jö, lug wi härzig! : Och, schau wie süss! : OMG, look how cute.

You usually say the every time you discover something cute. Hope I could help.

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Edit: i don't think jö is offered in every swiss dialect however in the most.


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