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General technological & Electrical general technical and also electrical conversation for the Ford Ranger that does no fit in any other sub-forum.



occassionally mine OD light will flash....if that happens, it only happens after i have been steering on the highway because that a tiny while....but the doesnt constantly happen. This is ~ above a "98 4.0 w/ auto transmissionany principles on what would reason this?would this litter a password i can read on mine scanner?
You can try adjusting the bands. I"m not sure your code scanner will help you out. If something it will certainly come up with a slipping code.I think her in because that a new/rebuild trans.
You can try adjusting the bands. I"m not sure your password scanner will assist you out. If something it will certainly come up through a slipping code.I think her in for a new/rebuild trans.
Not necessarily! The PCM will trip a flashing OD light if the detects a loss of signal
from one of two people the automobile Speed Sensor or the Output pillar Speed sensor. Dan I"d check both the those sensors, then inspect their signal at the PCM. I"d recommend doing this prior to adjusting the bands or rebuilding anything.
i had actually this occur to...i woke up go to college it go this all the way there and all the method home yet the next time ns drove it which was the night it had stopped and also hasnt done it due to the fact that so i would additionally like to recognize what u uncover out after fixing urs
don"t average to high-jack the thread, however mine did this too, and when it would certainly shift, the felt prefer a large hammer hitting the back of mine car???? Hope the made sense, cause shifting difficult was in not way good enough, it to be shifting favor it was trying to provide me whip-lash"01 4.0L sheet Auto.
don"t mean to high-jack the thread, however mine go this too, and also when it would certainly shift, it felt prefer a gigantic hammer hitting the back of my car???? Hope that made sense, cause shifting difficult was in no way great enough, it to be shifting choose it was trying to provide me whip-lash"01 4.0L leaf Auto.
This confirms the the PCM is no receiving a signal to control torque converter lock-up. This very same signal is used for change points and transition solenoid pressure, for this reason you"re having actually a failure in that signal. It"s either the sensor (likely) or the wires (unlikely).
DUDE.........samething taken place to me, and also I lost fourth and also fifth gear (Overdrive) . Obtain it checked out soon !!! ns took mine to a shop and also they hooked it as much as a computer and it said lost the two peak gears. Once you shed it deserve to you view the difference in rpms to rate ?? as I did..... I lost mine in SC and also Im here in NC well.. I can only walk 66mph without blowing the rpms out the window.... Together mine did the samething together I drove behind my truck as we take it it come the shop(dad drove it ) when it walk hit fourth (I could hear the ),the whole ago end looked as if a 500lb man jumped in the back or hydrulics (SP ) one
it absolutely affects the shift points for me too....when its on the shifting isnt smooth in ~ all, therefore you may be right about the VSSid it is in surprised if the tranny was shot already, the truck only has 70k ~ above it....but i guess it might happen
the an initial thing you must do is have actually the code(s) pulled. Then go from there.dont readjust anything, dont examine anything, dont change anything, gain the codes.
alright so ns picked up the ABS sensor (that replaced the VSS after ~ 97) was $19, so if it no work, that caresif it ever stops freakin raining ill gain out to install it and let everyone recognize what the outcome the meantime, anyone ever before replaced one of these? any kind of tricky components i must be mindful of? from reading haynes it sound pretty straightforward
Hey Dan,You"re Ranger is 4wd right? If that is, is"nt over there a rate sensor on the behind of yur transport case. Ns don"t have this auto but i think I"ve seen it there before. Just trying to help. I would certainly run the password though. Later.Allen
i changed the sensor in the rear no helplight no come ~ above immediately, but it come on after around 6 mile of highway driving. Earlier to flashing light and sledgehammer transition pointsoh, and no codes room being throwncould this have actually something to do with faulty wheel sensors?
you need a scanner that have the right to read infection codes.if the light is flashing climate there is codes stored
got itdoes anyone recognize if autozone can pull tranny codes? or is that a dealer/mechanic kind of operation
i know mine autozone and progressed auto roughly me could not. I had actually to carry mine to a tranny shop because that them to pull them i assumed he stated the harbor was behind the ash tray??? IDK i never looked and also it was prior to he actualy scanned it. Yet it to be for a diffrent reason.

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guys, update....i disconnected the battery because that 30 mins come reset everything and clear every codesi went for a 25 mile drive, averaging 60-80mph, and the light did no come on, all shift points were smooth, and overdrive was workingim not sure why that seemed to help, yet the brand-new sensor and resetting whatever seems to have actually fixed the the very least for now
The OD turn off light can come on because that anything concerned the trans. After gaining the underside that my traveler really wet, the light was set off by among the speed sensors losing signal. Once it dried out, the irradiate went away. You need to probably examine the problem of her trans liquid if friend are obtaining the irradiate though. I believe the light deserve to come on if the infectious diseases world fashion is getting too warm or over there is too much slipping. Can be time for a readjust and a pan drop.
i just acquired my trans fluid changed around 100 miles ago....and over there is just 70k on the truck so again, if there is any type of kind of genuine tranny damage id be surprised. If it comes on again ill take it it to the dealerfreakin computers, imo

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