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1275–1325; center English cherisshencheriss- (long stem of cherir), identical to cher too ~ (cārus) + -iss-ish2; akin come charity
1, 2. Cherish, foster, harbor imply providing affection, care, or sanctuary to something. Cherish suggests about or dealing with something as an object of affection or as valuable: come cherish a friendship. Foster suggests sustaining and also nourishing something v care, specifically in order come promote, increase, or strengthen it: to foster a hope; to foster enmity. Harbor says giving shelter to or entertaining other undesirable, specifically evil think or intentions: come harbor malice or a grudge.

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OTHER WORDS from cherish

cher·ish·a·ble, adjectivecher·ish·er, nouncher·ish·ing·ly, adverbo·ver·cher·ish, verb (used v object)
o·ver·cher·ished, adjectiveun·cher·ished, adjectiveun·cher·ish·ing, adjectivewell-cherished, adjective

Words adjacent cherish

Cherenkov radiation, Cherepovets, Cheribon, Cherie, cherimoya, cherish, Cherkassy, Cherkess Autonomous Region, Chernenko, Chernigov, Chernobyl


What does cherish mean?

Cherish way to treasure—to hold or treat something together dear and often loved.

The word suggests a deep and energetic appreciation that the person or thing that’s cherished.

The native is especially applied to loved ones, relationships, and also fond memory of the time spent with such people. It can additionally be offered in the context of possessions that are very special come you, such together a family heirloom or a favorite toy from childhood. Still, such objects are usually cherished due to their link to a love one. For example, you could cherish a locket v a picture of your grandmother in it, or a stuffed animal that her dad won because that you at a carnival.

Things the you cherish deserve to be explained with the adjective cherished, together in These are my many cherished possessions. 

Example: I love my grandma for this reason much and also cherish the moment we acquire to invest together.

Where does cherish come from?

The very first records of words cherish come from around 1300. It originates from the Old French cherir, indigenous cher, meaning “dear,” from the Latin cārus (which is also the basis because that the words charity and also caress).

The phrase love and cherish is part of many traditional wedding vows. To cherish someone is to host them dear—to care around them deeply in a means that renders you sweetheart them and show them how much you treasure them. In this way, the word suggests an energetic appreciation. Sometimes, it’s only after we shed someone that we realize that we should have actually done an ext to cherish them.

The adjective cherished method the very same thing together treasured. points that are described as cherished usually have some deep meaning to the person who cherishes them.

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What room some other creates of cherish?

cherished (past it s too dirty verb, adjective)cherishable (adjective)cherisher (noun)cherishingly (adverb)

What space some synonyms for cherish?

What are some words that share a root or word facet with cherish

What are some native that often get supplied in stating cherish?

How is cherish offered in real life?

The indigenous cherish is most typically used in discussion of what civilization hold dear, specifically loved ones and also memories the them.

Nothing claims “I love you” an ext than who celebrating your wins with you, mourning her losses v you, respecting you with their actions and words, motivating you, encouraging you, and also telling friend the tough truths you need to grow.

True friends are priceless. Cherish them✊