In this article, we talk about what color is graphite. You’ll learn around its origin and also how it deserve to be supplied in your daily life.

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Do you understand that Number 2 pencil you most likely used throughout institution (until teachers started insisting you create in pen more and more)? The shades friend most probably filled numerous standardized check circles in with? are the colors of both doodles and also sketches alike?

That is graphite gray. 

What shade Is Graphite?


As a color, graphite gray stands out together a “neutral” option compared to the likes that white, beige, or tan. Some regard the as much more sophisticated 보다 black (which some argue is overused and also too stark) and much more dramatic 보다 neutral hues the lighter tones.

Graphite gray is great color to use as soon as a style task calls for both complexity and also specificity. Together a color, graphite gray enjoys rather a great deal that popularity v both designers and clients. In spite of its popularity and its appearance, graphite gray itself have the right to be a complex shade come generate, whichever graphic system you use. It can be every too straightforward to end up v a various shade the gray if you execute not have actually the faintest idea the what you’re functioning with. 

Whites, blues, and purples often go well with graphite grey. As do a couple of greens. Graphite grey likewise does well as soon as contrasted with warmth oranges, yellows, or pinks. Brighter whites also contrast well with graphite grey to an outstanding degree.

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Graphite gray likewise goes exceedingly well through the following colors, here provided according come the HEX Code:


The Bottom Line

As a color, graphite possesses a how amazing amount that variation and also versatility because that a shade uncovered in miscellaneous as common as a pencil. Its supplies as a color are close to without limit. Furniture, fashion, interior design, art, website design, graphic novels (as the whole manga industry deserve to attest), all advantage from something discovered in one elementary college student’s backpack.