Have you ever before felt certain ridiculous because that Googling a new word that everyone else already seemed come know? perform you psychic your confusion the an initial time someone stated ‘fleek?" this words room neologisms, defined by Merriam-Webster together “a new word or expression or a new an interpretation of a word.”

As a culture, we come up with neologisms every the time, and also nowadays lock spread quicker than ever due to the fact that of their usage on society media. And, due to the fact that of their popularity, us may know what castle mean, but do we know where lock come from?



The hatchet "bae" was an initial used in the 1500s in referral to the sound that sheep make, and also (fun fact!) also means ‘poop’ in Dutch. However "bae" as we frequently know it showed up around 2013, together a shortened variation of babe the baby, though some likewise attribute its usage to the acronym “Before anyone Else.” However, there is a strong chance this meaning was created after the word started to come to be popular.

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Over time, "bae" has actually stretched past the an easy use for a friend or girlfriend (or who you expect will end up being one) and also has to be used simply to typical something good (ex: “Pizza is bae”).


The first meaning of "fleek" to be submitted come Urban dictionary by Dan Blue in 2003, stating the fleek meant “smooth, nice, sweet.” However, "fleek" was not truly popularized until 2014, when Vine user Peaches Monroee posted her famous video including the expression “eyebrows ~ above fleek.” Overall, a an ext solid meaning is uncovered on Merriam-Webster, in a classification called native We’re Watching: "The phrase on fleek—like the expression on point, it’s provided to median basically "perfectly done" or "exactly right."”


Netflix and Chill:

A euphemism for hooking up, the ax “Netflix and also chill” used to be used in a literal, no figurative, way. First, time for a quick history lesson:

In 2007, streaming for Netflix came to be a thing that exists. In 2009, Twitter user
nofacenina was the first to use the hatchet “Netflix and chill” there is no any kind of connotation: “I’m about to log in onto Netflix and also chill because that the remainder of the night.” (Yes, really, this is exactly how it every began). In 2011, the ax “Netflix and chill” was mostly connected with being an introvert’s way to speak they are about to have actually a small "me-time" and also watch a show. By 2012, “Netflix and chill” was being supplied as its very own verb.

The teenage girls captured on in 2014. They began using the hatchet “Netflix and chill” after ~ realizing that boys weren’t necessarily aiming for a ‘chill’ movie night; an ext people spread out the innuendo associated with the term, and the first meme around “Netflix and also chill” picturing a condom to be released come the internet. 2015 arrived, and also we released every the memes! everyone figured it out, and also the term found a home on urban Dictionary. You have the right to view a fuller timeline of the phrase "Netflix and also Chill" here.

Somewhere along the way, people were able come drop the “Netflix” and add the words “and chill” to anything, suddenly developing a new meaning. "Lord of the Rings" and Chill? Ramen and also chill? and also I kid you not, I have seen a poster board taped to a dorm room asking: “Blackboard and chill?” just how romantic.


The native "meme" originates from the old Greek mimeme, meaning “imitated thing” or “to imitate.” "Meme" was offered by British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his book "The Selfish Gene" in stimulate to talk about the method ideas and cultural phenomena evolve end time. We currently use words to refer to a piece, or unit, that world use come exchange ideas and symbols v a “mimicked theme."


In 1820, twerk, initially spelled "twirk," appeared in the Oxford English thesaurus as “a twisting or jerking movement; a twitch.” with the early on 1900s, words cycled v various meanings such as “a jerk,” “an ineffectual person,” “a readjust or variation” and “a twist.” In 1990, it finally was linked with the tell-tale dance in between a twist and also jerk, specifically after DJ Jubilee, ‘Jubilee All,’ play a tune in new Orleans in 1993 the told the audience to: “Shake baby, shiver baby, shake, shake, shake… Twerk baby, twerk baby, twerk, twerk, twerk.” Finally, on respectable 25, 2013, Miley Cyrus and also Robin Thicke perform "Blurred Lines" in ~ the VMAs, and the indigenous entered regular vocabulary.

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The very first documented entry of "turnt" remained in 2005, as soon as Urban thesaurus user Erica Peters defined it together a state of being “drunk” or “crunk.” In 2008, KeyBee characterized the hatchet “turnt up” together “getting drunk” or “getting loose.” usage of words circulated transparent the hip-hop music community. Overall, "turnt" can be traced as a variation “turned,” slang for being excited to walk to a party or social event that usually requires drinking. So: “turn up” brought about “turned” which brought about “turnt.”


And over there you have it. Neologisms might seem silly, and they regularly are, however they prove the language is quiet being identified by human being as we usage it. The is the beauty, beauty of a continually evolving language. Us don’t simply find out it and use it, we also sculpt it. The is a consistent piece of humanity that we always are and constantly will be functioning on. And also if you want to clock the video clip that motivated this article (and I highly recommend it), you can discover it here.