The English an interpretation of Carlos is Vigorous. The surname Carlos is that Spanish origin. over there are numerous indicators the the name Carlos might be the Jewish origin, create from the Jewish areas of Spain and Portugal.

When the Romans overcame the Jewish country in 70 CE, lot of the Jewish population was sent right into exile transparent the roman Empire. Plenty of were sent out to the Iberian Peninsula. The roughly 750,000 Jews life in Spain in the year 1492 to be banished native the country by imperial decree of Ferdinand and also Isabella. The Jews the Portugal, to be banished numerous years later. Reprieve indigenous the banishment decrees was promised come those Jews who converted come Catholicism. Though part converted by choice, most of these New-Christian counter were referred to as CONVERSOS or MARRANOS (a derogatory term for converts an interpretation pigs in Spanish), ANUSIM (meaning "coerced ones" in Hebrew) and CRYPTO-JEWS, as they secretly continued to practice the tenets of the Jewish faith.

Our research has uncovered that the family name Carlos is cited v respect come Jews & Crypto-Jews in at the very least 4 bibliographical, documentary, or digital references:

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Raizes Judaicas No Brasil,(Jewish root in Brazil) by Flavio Mendes de Carvalho.

This publication contains surname of brand-new Christians or Brazilians living in Brazil condemned through the Inquisition in the 17th and also 18th centuries, together taken native the archives of Torre carry out Tombo in Lisbon. Numerous times details including day of birth, occupation, surname of parents, age, and also location of domicile are also included. The list additionally includes the names of the relatives of the victims. There are several instances in which many members that the same family members were tortured and also sentenced therefore some household lines may end here.

A Origem Judaica dos Brasileiros (The beginning of The Brazilian Jews), by Jose Geraldo Rodrigues de Alckmin Filho

This publication contains a list of 517 Sephardic family members punished by the inquisition in Portugal and Brazil.


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