Featured Quote: “Thou gavest Me no kiss. Why? because I to be so busy serving Him, i forgot to worship Him. The priority the God desires in ours life is that we worship Him in spirit." -
Leonard Ravenhill
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I do, I do not see anything in scripture to suggest it ceased v the apostles. However, the writings of the church leader in the 2md & 3rd centuries do suggest there was a dramatic decrease in tongues.Now, I think most that what we view in the church especially in America and other western countries in regards come tongues is foolishness. But I believe there is a legitimate gift that tongues. I execute not believe in a "heavenly prayer language" since that is not found in scripture.Tongues space not provided to every believer, and also tongues space not the initial authorize of being "baptised by the holy Spirit". Paul, when saying that over there are various gifts for various purposes, all provided by the holy Spirit according to His functions he states “Do all speak in tongues?”, and also contextually the answer is obviously “No.”Those believer who case to speak in tongues room not an ext spiritual or mature or unique than those who perform not. I’ve recognized of some very hideous world who “speak in tongues” (Benny Hinn and Todd Bentley), and also I’ve well-known of some saintly human being who never have. (Billy Graham has actually never talked in tongues, neither did Charles Spurgeon)Some are going to desire to argue v me on this points. Don’t waste her time, I recognize all the arguments back and forth this is where I landed on this topic, and there is grace sufficient for other thoughts on it. I can be fully wrong about this, and so might you.So over there ya go.Krispy

Speaking in tongues is an active gift the the divine Spirit. I believe it is no a sign of holy Spirit baptism as plenty of Pentecostal claim however it is a gift provided to some. The signs of the divine Spirit must be the fruit of the Spirit. I take it a reasonably strong view on this due to the fact that growing up as a Pentecostal I dropped victim come the social press of "Speaking in tongues" and so gave simply speak jibberish to be accepted. This quiet goes ~ above today and also people fail to look at the inside man. Currently I don't ask, do I speak in tongues the men and also angels? but Do i speak v a controled tongue of faith, hope and also love. This is no to say that everyone that speaks is tongues is law it out of social responsibility or falsity since I have meet numerous who spoke in tongues and also their life was full of the fruit of the Spirit. Likewise I have actually met numerous who didn't speak in tongues however still proved the same fruits of the spirit without the speak in tongues experience.Should the lord bless me with the gift I would take that gratefully but the Lord has actually blessed me with other things which He has me usage for His Glory._________________Matthew Guldner

Amen, bro... Great word.

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Amen to you as well bro, When I concerned this conclusion I come under fire because that saying such craziness the was "unbiblical." ns was yes, really uncertain if ns was best or wrong but the more I studied the word the much more I couldn't deny this belief. Brother Zac Poonen was somebody I really delighted in listening come on the subject since I finally uncovered someone who was significantly experienced in the scripture the taught the very same thing. Because that a while it was choose I to be the one on crazy pills and everyone else to be normal, yet God also taught me in that time the is not always in the "normal means of things" that culture and legacy push ~ above us._________________Matthew Guldner

mgulder......being on stunner pills aint constantly a negative thing...:)_________________Jeff

Yes. A person who is filled v God's heart will have actually the fruit of the holy Spirit. In the east countries, I had seen the speak in tongues much more than in the west side. Many of those civilization are Godly people. _________________Vlad Stepanov

I believe in all the presents of the soul in procedure in the church today! I usage this gift as soon as I pray and when ns lay hands on and also pray for various other people.Allowing the gift of tongues to operate in my life is choose breathing air, it comes naturally! and also I praise God for every bit it. To God every the glory!!*How execute I view it?*God gave the gift that the holy Spirit (Holy Ghost) come the church prior to they can make a theology that it; and today man gets so recorded up in the theology of the all the they won't accept the gifts that God has offered them.God bless,Lisa _________________Lisa

Speaking in tongues is a gift of holy Spirit. It is true but it has to be supplied in public just if over there is one interpreter. Else use it in your private prayers. You obtain gifts when you acquisition something worthy indigenous a shop. The same means the holyspirit gives you gifts when you receive it. The gift is no the key thing however what friend purchased is the main thing. Therefore the filling of soul which should be reflect in a godly life is more important than the free gift that you acquire with it. Also the existence of a gift walk not typical a human being is still filled. God does no take earlier his gifts similar to how we do not take the presents that we give to others. A true guy of women of God will never ever advertise their presents if they walk they either lost their anointing or they have actually fake gift. So merely saying that ns pray in tongues in prior of rather by laying hand is not tongues in ~ all. Presents are given to civilization who are parts of a human body of Christ. If you room not a component of a body and also you have actually an unsubmitting heart then i wont believe that friend speak in tongues. _________________Sreeram

The Baptism in the divine Spirit is the doorway to the "deeper life." it is the beginning not the "END." world camp out there and never move on, yet it is offered so that you will be Jesus' disciples with bold conviction and also real love for others. Don't garbage it.Mike