Line graphs, additionally called heat charts, are used to stand for quantitative data gathered over a details subject and also a particular time interval. Every the data clues are linked by a line. Data points represent the monitorings that are built up on a inspection or research. The heat graph has an x-axis and also a y-axis.

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The human being today is becoming much more and an ext information-oriented. Every component of our stays utilizes data in one type or another. The tabular depiction of data is an ideal way of presenting lock systematically. Once these numerical numbers are represented graphically in the type of a bar graph or a line graph, castle become an ext noticeable and easily understandable, leaving a long-lasting impact on the mind of the observer. Allow us know line graph in information in the adhering to sections.

1.What is a heat Graph?
2.Parts of a heat Graph
3.Reading a heat Graph
4.Plotting a line Graph
5.Line Graph Advantages
6.Line Graph Disadvantages
7.Line Graph vs Scatter Plot
8.FAQs on line Graph

What is a heat Graph?

Line graph offers a graphical representation of the alters that had occurred over a given duration of time. Heat graph has a horizontal axis referred to as the x-axis and also a vertical axis dubbed the y-axis. The x-axis usually has a time duration over which us would favor to measure up the amount of a certain thing or an item in the y-axis. Heat graph helps to analyze the trend of even if it is the quantity in the y-axis is enhancing or decreasing over a period of time. Heat graph gives a clear photo of an increasing or a to decrease trend.

Line Graph Definition

A line graph is a form of chart or graph the is supplied to present information that changes over time. A line graph deserve to be plotted using number of points connected by right lines.

Line Graph Example

The line graph shown above represents the revenue of bicycles by a bicycle agency from the month the January it spins June. Here, the x-axis represents the time interval and the y-axis to represent the variety of bicycles offered each month. The dark point on the graph denotes a data point. A data allude on a line graph represents the amount or a number that matches a details time in the x-axis. In the example shown, the variety of bicycles offered in the month that January is 50. Similarly, in the month of February 30 bicycles were sold. We can interpret this data because that each month using the data point. The heat segment connecting these individual data points gives a snapshot of whether the sale of bicycles is in an enhancing or to decrease trend.


A couple of key takeaways fromline graph room as follows:

A heat graph is a graph that is supplied to display readjust over time as a series of data points associated by directly line segments on two axes.A line graph is additionally called a heat chart. It help to recognize the relationship between two set of values, with one data collection always being dependent ~ above the various other data set.They are advantageous to demonstrate information ~ above factors and also patterns. Heat diagrams have the right to make expectations around the after-effects of info not however recorded.

Line graph consists of a horizontal x-axis and also a vertical y-axis. Most line graphs only attend to positive number values, so these axes commonly intersect near the bottom that the y-axis and also the left end of the x-axis. The point at i m sorry the axes crossing is constantly (0,0). Each axis is labeled with a data type. Because that example, the x-axis can be days, weeks, quarters, or years, while the y-axis reflects revenue in dollars. Data points room plotted and also connected by a heat in a "dot-to-dot" fashion.

Let's know the various parts that a line graph.

Title: The title of the graph tells us what the graph is every about, i.e., what details is depicted by the graph.Labels: The horizontal axis across the bottom and also the upright label along the next tell united state what kinds of data room being shown.Points: The point out or dots on the graph represent the (x,y) collaborates or ordered pairs. More than one data line have the right to be present in a heat graph. Here, data ~ above the horizontal axis is the independent variable, and also data ~ above the y-axis is the dependent variable.Lines: Straight present connecting the clues give approximated values between the points.


While comparing data sets, the heat graph is only helpful if the x and y axes follow the same scales. The x-axis is also known together the independent axis because its values carry out not depend on anything. Because that example, time is always placed top top the x-axis because it continues to adjust regardless of noþeles else. The y-axis is likewise known together the dependent axis since its values count on variables top top the x-axis: at this time, the firm had these countless sales. The an outcome is that the directly line constantly progresses in a horizontal fashion and for each x value, there is a distinctive value of y. For example, the agency cannot have actually two different value sales in ~ the exact same time.

Consider the complying with steps to read and also interpret a line graph:

Look at the title.See the labeling that axes.Check the end the arising patterns to know the trend.See the data worths to get specific figures.


Observe the heat graph presented below. Allow us check out it and also list the end the key observations native the heat graph.


This graph offers information about the daily sale of hotdogs every work of the week.The line graph has an enhancing slope, which way that the revenue of warm dogs has increased beginning from Monday. Us can clearly see the there to be 40 much more hot dogs sold on Thursday than on Monday. (50 were marketed on Thursday and also 10 were offered on Monday, for this reason the difference is 50 - 10 = 40)One other crucial observation is the the sale stays the very same on Tuesday and also Wednesday.

The complying with steps can be used to create a line graph.

Create a table: Draw the x- and y-axes ~ above a page. ~ above the top of the page, location a title the briefly defines the objective of the chart.Label every axis: If time is just one of the factors, it have to go follow me the horizontal (x) axis. The other numeric values, i.e., the dependency variables measured must be placed along the upright (y) axis. Every axis should be labeled through the surname of the numeric system as well as the dimensions being used. Because that example, you may label the x-axis with independent variables like hours or months, indicating that each number created on the axis is the number of hours or months. Division each axis evenly into applicable increments.Add data: Data because that a heat graph is commonly presented in a two-column table matching to the x- and y-axes. When you've included your data, her line graph will instantly reflect the values.Create a key: If you room comparing many items, you'll desire to produce a vital that identifies what every line is by its color.

Important note on line Graph:

Here room some an essential points to remember while producing line graph.

Choose the details title showing the exact information.Take variable worths in brief terms to recognize them easily.Do not mess through too numerous lines end the graph. The maximum should be 4 lines come facilitate comparisons.

Kinds of Data in a line Graph

Line charts can display continuous data end time, collection against a common scale, and are therefore ideal for showing trends in data at equal intervals or end time. Together a general rule, usage a heat chart as soon as your data contains non-numeric (category) data. Because that example, a shopkeeper desires to analyze the development of his organization over a duration of one year. So, the time factor, i.e., the surname of months would be considered on the horizontal x-axis vice versa, the upright y-axis will certainly be supplied to depict the numerical values, i.e., the monthly profit.

The advantages of making use of line graph are as follows.

It is useful for reflecting changes and trends over various time periods.It is also helpful to show tiny changes the are an overwhelming to measure up in other graphs.Line graph is common and effective charts because they room simple, easy to understand, and also efficient.It is helpful to to mark anomalies in ~ and across data series.More than one line may be plotted top top the very same axis as a form of comparison.

Here are some limitations of using line graph.

Plotting too numerous lines end the graph renders it cluttered and also confusing come read.A wide selection of data is an overwhelming to plot over a line graph.They are only ideal for representing data that have actually numerical values and total figures such as worths of complete rainfall in a month.If regular scales ~ above the axis aren't used, it can lead to the data that a line graph appearing inaccurate.Also, line graph is inconvenient if you need to plot fractions or decimal numbers.

Observe the two graphs shown below and notification the difference in between the two,


Line graph and also scatter plot space two various tools. Both the tools have actually data points that are significant with small circles. A heat graph associate every data suggest with the next data point with a heat segment, conversely, a scatter plot does not affix individual data points. We deserve to know the trend of expansion by looking in ~ the line in a heat graph the connects the data points, whereas in a scatter plot a heat of regression or the 'line of ideal fit is drawn which depicts the relationship between two different sets of data follow me the x-axis and also the y-axis. The crucial difference in between a line graph and also a scatter plot is the line graph provides how quantitatively the data follow me the y-axis increases with respect to a offered time period, whereas, in a scatter plot, we deserve to see just how the data represented in the y-axis transforms with boost in the value of data in the x-axis. Graph A is a line graph whereas Graph B is called the scattered graph or scatter plot. This two species of charts document data info on both X and also Y axes. The table shown listed below lists the crucial differences in between a heat graph and also a scatter plot.

Line GraphScatter PlotPurposeAxesPlotsAmount of Data
Shows consistent data over a period, setup against a basic scale, and connecting separation, personal, instance data point out together, right for showing development rate or patterns at also intervals.It works best when comparing large numbers that data points there is no regard to time. This tool is very an effective when we space trying to present the relationship in between two variables (x and y-axis), for example, a person's weight and also height.
The x-axis deserve to only show texts (Like the surname of months, years), i m sorry usually describe non-mathematical data, at same spaced intervals. The y-axis can show numbers.x-axis and the y-axis can display numbers. Data are not evenly distributed.
Line segment are supplied to sign up with the data points.Data points space not join here, but a heat of best fit is drawn to recognize the relationship between the data along the x and the y axis.
It cannot manage a huge amount that data.It manages a large amount the data to help in knowledge patterns in the data.

Related Topics:

Check out part interesting write-ups related come a line graph.

Example 1: A bookshop made a line graph of the number of books it sold each week during a details period. Based upon the information noted in the over line graph, uncover how plenty of fewer books were offered in main 8 보다 in week 7.


Number of publications sold in main 7 = 90Number of publications sold in week 8 = 10So, the distinction = 80Therefore, there were 80 fewer publications sold in main 8 as contrasted to week 7.

Example 2: The temperature of a city native 5 a.m. Come 8 p.m. Top top a job was recorded in the kind of a heat graph as displayed below. Study the graph and also answer the following questions.a) in ~ which time of the day was the temperature 40° F?b) What was the maximum tape-recorded temperature?



a) The temperature to be 40° F in ~ 5 a.m. And also from 5 p.m. Come 8 p.m.b) The maximum videotaped temperature to be 60° F.

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Example 3: study the complying with graph to answer the given questions: production of two providers A & B over the year is as shown in the figure. For firm A, what is the percent diminish in production from 1994 come 1995?



Company A's manufacturing in 1994 = 4 million units; company A's manufacturing in 1995 = 3 million units; difference in production 1994 to 1995 for company A = 4 - 3 =1; original production = 4

Using the formula :

% decrease = (Decrease in production/Original production) × 100

Required portion decrease = ( dfrac14 imes 100 = 25\% )Therefore, there to be a diminish of 25%.