as soon as I text an additional iPhone user I view the balloon with the 3 dots but sometimes no message appears after the three dots.

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Is it possible they room typing a message to a various user?



The 3 dots indicator shows up when a user is typing and they have allowed the "Show typing" setting. However, they may start typing and then decide not to send the message, or avoid to execute something else, and also therefore the blog post is never sent. The 3 dots indicator is not an indication the a article is incoming, simply that the user is typing.

The indicator only shows up when they are typing a article specifically come you. That does not create when they room typing messages to others.

However, the indicator can obtain stuck if there room network errors or slowness, if the server is overloaded or has stale data. In practice, it have the right to remain stuck till you get another complete article from the sender or you decide to delete the conversation.


The person might accidentally typed a letter. Hitting space right prior to the home switch will trigger the 3 dots in the various other end. I check out this happen a lot come friends the either doesn"t recognize that the touch screen recognizes every difficult as intake or they just don"t care.If lock don"t north the post box that will proceed to display the dots for some time. And if they"re in one area with negative coverage"s iMessage server might have received the started typing command, yet never got the clear command, or if you"re in a bad area your phone can have got the began typing command, but not the clear. Normally happens to me once travelling on country roads.


Or, this:


Read accuse here.

It simply way they decided against sending a post after starting to type one.

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You can uncover a detailed malfunction of as soon as that indicator shows up in the April 2015 Slate video, "When have the right to Someone see You Typing? Explained." on iOS, the indicator shows up as soon as the user top top the sending end starts typing. It only goes away when either that user sends a message, or 60 seconds elapses. In various other words, if they form even a solitary keystroke (perhaps accidentally) yet don"t push send, friend will watch the inputting Awareness Indicator for sixty seconds.

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