therefore you need a babysitter because that the weekend. Have to you salary them one hourly rate or a level fee because that the whole time? What is a reasonable rate?

How much should you salary a babysitter because that a weekend? It"s most usual to pay a avestor their consistent hourly rate during the day, and a level amount overnight while the kids are asleep. But ultimately it"s up to you and also your babysitter to come to an agreement of what makes sense for your specific situation.

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In this article, I"ll talk about some different options you have actually for paying her babysitter to remain over because that the weekend.

Hiring A Babysitter because that The Weekend

When i talk around hiring a babysitter for the weekend, probably it"s finest to clarify exactly what ns mean.

By babysitting because that the weekend, I"m imagining that your babysitter comes end Friday evening and watches the kids while you"re gone till Saturday or Sunday night. Basically, they"ll it is in in fee of your children for at least 24 hours.

When it concerns babysitting sessions ~ above the weekend during a continuous 9 come 5 work or because that one evening, I would certainly treat it the same as any kind of other time that you"d hire a babysitter. Salary them the same consistent rate that they"d receive if they babysat throughout the week.

I don"t give any type of premium for sitters just due to the fact that they room working top top a weekend.

For the most part, ns only give special prices for holidays like brand-new Year"s Eve. see my write-up How To rental A babysitter For new Year"s eve (Cost & Requirements) for more details on that.

So the real inquiry that you must ask you yourself is: will certainly your babysitter be staying overnight? That"s a special instance where it gets a bit tricky deciding on how to pay them.

Paying her Babysitter for The Weekend – flat Rate or Hourly?

When it involves paying your sitter for the weekend, there room a bunch of different ways that you could structure it. Many will take right into account how many hours your kids are awake, and when they"re asleep.

No matter how you decision to pay her babysitter, it"s vital that you talk to castle in breakthrough so castle know precisely what the commitment is. Friend don"t desire to come home and find they intended to earn their consistent rate because that every hour you were gone, even when they to be asleep!

Pay A flat Fee because that The entire Time

Perhaps the easiest method to pay your sitter for the weekend is just to sell them one flat amount. Then there"s no math involved, and both parties know exactly what they"re acquiring up front.

All you have to agree on is a level rate because that the whole time or each day. Because that example, you might pay $150 every day, or $300 for the entire weekend.

Generally this is rather a basic and straightforward agreement. Return you might run into troubles if your transport gets delayed and also you arrive home a few hours later on than intended. In the case, friend could always just pay the sitter for a few extra hrs at their regular rate though.

Pay A level (or Reduced) Rate throughout Bedtime

This is most likely the most common means to salary a weekend babysitter. They knife their continuous hourly price for the hrs that they"re awake and proactively watching the kids. Climate you pay them a diminished rate or level rate for the time that youngsters are asleep.

Some world will pay your sitter a reduced overnight rate, generally about half their regular rate.

Personally I would go v a level rate instead. That means you prevent either party gift petty around exactly once the kids went to sleep in ~ night and when they woke up in the morning. Plus any times the sitter had actually to wake up in the night to acquire them a glass the water or placed them ago to bed.

If you have the right to agree with your babysitter to a level nightly rate choose $50 if the children are asleep, that deserve to cover everything. Climate you recognize upfront what you"re paying whether your kids sleep with the totality night or wake up up lot of times.

Instead of leaving your children with a sitter while you take it a mini-vacation, have you considered taking the children with you? My write-up Vacation Babysitters (12 Tips for Relaxing family members Holidays) will explain how it could be easier than friend think!

Pay based on What provides Sense for The work Required

If you"re emotion really generous, you could always offer come pay your sitter their continual rate because that the whole weekend. From the babysitter"s perspective, this is a dream and also basically their best-case scenario!

This can get prohibitively high-quality though! because that a 48 hour period from Friday evening to Sunday evening, you"d be looking in ~ paying her sitter $720!

Don"t feel negative if girlfriend can"t sell your sitter this sort of rate. Not numerous parents would certainly be able to.

However, there room a couple of situations where you may consider paying a sitter because that their continual rate at every hours, or at the very least close to it.

It all counts on how much of a hassle your youngsters will be throughout the night.

If your children are little angels that repetitively sleep native 9 afternoon to 9 am every night, then you shouldn"t feel the you should compensate her sitter that lot for staying over.

However, if your kid has actually night terrors, wets the bed, or has other impairment that require extra work-related from the sitter, climate it"s just fair to pay them a bit extra for your work.

What need to your regular babysitter pay rate be anyway? read my article Babysitter Pay prices (The finish Guide because that Parents) to discover out!

Should You administer Food If her Babysitter remains For The Weekend

Yes, if your sitter is staying for the weekend i feel the you should provide food because that them.

For most other jobs you"d be expected to lug your own meals. But babysitting is a bit different, due to the fact that they"re also going to should prepare meals for your kids anyway.

Usually, ns just think about this as a perk to the job, and also don"t take it right into account as soon as deciding exactly how much to pay a babysitter because that the weekend.

The most basic option once it concerns feeding your kids and also babysitter is to prepare premade meals in advance. Friend can totally cook them and pop them right into the frozen fridge or freezer. Climate all her babysitter demands to perform is warm it increase again. Virtually any avestor should be able to do that, regardless of cooking skill.

If her babysitter to know their means around the kitchen, friend may additionally give lock the flexibility to make their very own meals. Friend can give them some choices like warm dogs, macaroni and also cheese, spaghetti, chicken fingers and fries, waffles, or any variety of other an easy recipes.

Try to pick recipes with only a couple of ingredients that are fast to make and easy come clean up after.

If her babysitter is staying for the full weekend, girlfriend may additionally want to leaving them some money because that takeout for at the very least one of the meals while you"re gone. Letting your babysitter stimulate in a pizza is a winning recipe that will certainly garner a the majority of favor v your sitter and kids alike. Think that it as a small bonus for her babysitter functioning overtime.

How Old need to An Overnight babysitter Be? Be certain to review through my article on the topic to discover out before putting a sitter in fee of your children for the weekend!


There is some adaptability when it pertains to how much to pay a babysitter for the weekend.

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Generally babysitters expect to knife a lower rate or level rate overnight. They recognize they"ll mainly be sleeping throughout that time, and will usually only need to briefly wake up up when or double at most.

Personally I uncover it simplest to agree come a level rate for the whole weekend with my avestor upfront. Climate both of us know specifically how lot to expect to salary or obtain at the end. However your an individual situation might be different, so figure out an setup that renders sense because that you and also your sitter!