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A friend research studies "(technical term) fishes" that is, he research studies a group of similar fish types that all share this details trait. Similarly you can study the native peoples that X, i.e. The plural of the collection of tribes/groups.

Can you carry out this with any type of plural noun? has anyone ever before studied sheeps/sheepes—the group of different breeds of lamb ?


I uncovered this Quora inquiry which inquiry the exact same thing.The individuals over there agree that no, sheeps is no a native in dearteassociazione.org, also though girlfriend may have actually sentences favor "the peoples of the world."

From the article about the many of fish ~ above Grammarist.com

The many of fish is commonly fish, however fishes has a few uses. In biology, because that instance, fishes is offered to refer to multiple varieties of fish.

As you can see, "fishes" is just acceptable in biology, and we can assume that is offered as a technological term, fairly than just the many of fish.As stated in a comment below, fish is in reality an exception, and uncountable noun (e.g. Sheep, elk) cannot have a plural.

I hope I aided you a bit.

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No, you can"t apply the exact same rules for plurals come just any word. There room a number of ways the plurals space derived, and some exceptions as in the "fishes" instance you presented; in the instance of sheep the plural will constantly be sheep.

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For an ext information top top the formation of plurals have a look at this post on the OED blog titled "The formation of Plurals, from lamb to minotaurs".

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