I am stuck. Ns am looking for a native that describes a repertoire of previously-published works by various writers about a details topic. In this instance the object is women’s health. Several of the items room reprints of non-fiction articles; some are excerpts native novels; there are even a few poems. I would not speak to this a compendium no one is that an anthology. The arsenal is not in honor of anyone so it isn’t a festschrift.

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Assuming the collection is a little too mundane for her purposes, just how do you feel around florilegium?


Ron Draney said:

Assuming that collection is a little too mundane for your purposes, how do friend feel around florilegium?

What a great word! A new one for me. Thanks.

Thank girlfriend for her help. Ns feel the somehow there need to be a word that precisely defines a collection of reprinted non-fiction, poems and excerpts indigenous novels. Florilegium is elegant indeed yet it might not be understandable. And also I desire to it is in understood.

Anthology denotes, in mine mind, literary works with a huge L; in other words a arsenal of fiction or poetry. Strict speaking, this arsenal is not that.

Digest appeals come me also though ns am not particular that is the word. This arsenal of pieces around women’s health is a “condensed but substantial account of a human body of information” (Webster’s new World college Dictionary, fourth ed.).

I proceed to look…


You can still go with florilegium, or undoubtedly with any kind of of the options presented therefore far. All that’s compelled is the you incorporate a preface to the collection that discusses words you chose, perhaps provides some information around its derivation, or tells the story of how you involved choose it.

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When I review your early stage post, the very first thing that popped right into my mind was Katharine and E.B. White’s A Subtreasury that American Humor. It’s consisted of of “reprinted non-fiction, poems and excerpts native novels”, among other things, and every point out of it i can find refers to it together an “anthology”. I remember check this book out of the library over and over when I was younger, and I can’t also remember (it’s been the long) when I came to realize that “subtreasury” was used below in a distinctly non-standard and whimsical metaphorical sense.