Planning a trip to Chile at any time soon? You could want to brush up on your Chilean Spanish if so.

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Travelling the civilization is one of life’s good pleasures. There’s nothing quite favor discovering various cultures and also experiencing other walks of life, first hand. Being able to interact with the locals is undeniably one advantage, no matter where girlfriend go. This is as true for Chile as it is anywhere else.


5 Chilean Spanish phrases you must know

¿Como estai?

Spanish speakers will be familiar with “¿Como estás?”, meaning “how space you?” In Chilean Spanish, it’s not rather the same, however similar. This is a very versatile greeting, and it never harms to usage it.

Si poh / No poh

Simple, however crucial: “Si poh” method “yes”, and also “no poh” method “no”. You’ll use these 2 phrases constantly, so obtain comfortably utilizing them.


This literally way “catch?” however in reality, it is Chilean Spanish because that “do friend understand?” or “do you capture my meaning?” This one have the right to be quite beneficial indeed and is a quick means to examine that you and also the other human being understand each other. It’s also a handy item of filler, and you will discover that the locals litter this in in ~ the end of plenty of sentences, just as one English speaker might use the expression “you know?”, friend know?


This one is cool – fairly literally. Contact something “bacán” in Chilean Spanish, and also you are heralding it to it is in awesome, great or cool.

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No hablo español

OK, this one no strictly Chilean Spanish, however it’s an important phrase to know when visiting Chile, or any type of other Spanish-speaking country. That course, attempting to speak the regional language is great, however in instance you get stuck: This simply method that friend don’t speak Spanish, and also (hopefully) the other person will it is in able to help you in English.