The West African nation of Mali is renowned for tie-dyed textiles and also unique colors and also prints supplied in that garments. The society is lively, and also that is reflect in the garments you check out throughout the entire nation, no matter which region you space in. Return Western garments is becoming more popular, you deserve to still see lot of the timeless dress the the Malian civilization pride themselves on.

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Silk skirts, tunics and also long dresses space popular selections for Mali women, specifically the pagne, i m sorry is a wraparound skirt. Traditionally, women likewise wear turbans that enhance their dresses. The boubou, i beg your pardon is a full-length tunic, is a traditional men’s garment.


The Republic of Mali is composed of countless individual tribes and ethnic teams that have developed their own colors and also styles that clothing. The Tuareg tribe, because that instance, specialization in do a particular indigo blue fabric that is likewise used for making wedding blankets.

As a an outcome of globalization and also previous colonization, Western format has also affected Mali clothing, an especially in the cities. Many men stay Western-style pants, shirts and tunics come work, when women space in wraparound skirts and tunics, and also even periodically pants.

A vast majority of the Mali human being is Muslim, however, they haven’t adopted the common Muslim dress you could find in various other Muslim-dominated nations. The Muslim veil or hijab is one instance of this, as Mali women carry out not undertake them. Some timeless Muslim dress rules execute apply, however, such together the one regarding shorts, which room not considered decent to wear, an especially by adults.


Vibrant color is a mainstay the the Mali wardrobe, and also dressing increase in costumes and also jewelry is a famous activity. Colors supplied for clothing are commonly from completely natural dyes, which permits the craftsperson to develop his or her own committed colors.

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Mali is famed for a form of rough-cotton textile called mud cloth, which is regularly used to do dashikis, a colorful men"s shirt. ~ the cloth is woven, that is hand-painted in centuries-old patterns, then dipped in dyes made indigenous mud. After the dries, it might be dipped again in a process that might take number of weeks come complete.

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