Although the original Star Wars trilogy is over 40 years old, fans still have actually questions as soon as watching. Star wars actor note Hamill loves come answer fan questions, no matter exactly how random castle are. This week that revealed what he to be eating once Luke Skywalker landed on Dagobah.

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‘Star Wars’ note Hamill | wealthy Fury/Getty Images

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‘Star battles Episode V: The realm Strikes Back’: Luke Skywalker floor on Dagobah

After Skywalker and also R2-D2 soil in a swamp on Dagobah, the young Jedi hooks increase the droid come his charging station.

“Now all i gotta do is discover this Yoda if he also exists,” Skywalker says to R2-D2. “This is a really strange ar to find a Jedi master. This place gives me the creeps.”

Then that takes a large bite of other crunchy, and says, “Still, there’s miscellaneous familiar around this place. Ns don’t know. Ns feel like…”

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hamillhimself) on might 24, 2020 in ~ 11:06am PDT

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Suddenly, Yoda jumps out and asks why Skywalker is there. The Jedi grasp walks over and tastes a bit of the stick the human being was trying to eat. 

“Put that down. Hey, that’s my dinner,” Skywalker claims as that grabs the hard stick and his tackle crate of food. Yoda asks how the human could be so big eating food prefer that.

‘Star Wars’ mark Hamill finally revealed what Skywalker was eating ~ above Dagobah

Hamill is just one of only a few Star Wars actors that are active on Twitter and also Instagram. He and also John Boyega (who portrays Finn) favor to answer fan questions as soon as they can. 

“I constantly wanted to know what they provided you here to eat,” one fan asked top top Twitter. “It looks prefer a taquito.”

The 68-year-old actor did no hesitate to retweet the photo and question through an answer.

“It was just a sesame breadstick,” Hamill tweeted. “There were likewise Tic Tacs in the box. I’m no joking. TIC TACS.”

It was just a sesame bread stick. There were also Tic Tacs in the box. I'm not joking. TIC TACS.#TrueStory

— note Hamill (
HamillHimself) June 4, 2020

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The empire Strikes Back had a larger budget plan than Star Wars: A new Hope — 18 million dollars versus 11 million dollars. However, the money was primarily spent on unique effects and ensuring the the movie looked choose it was set in space. So, something little like the food on-screen was really low budget. 

What go ‘Star Wars’ pan think Hamill was eating?

“Luke had it in his X-wing survive kit,” one pan commented. “It’s from the rebellion rations, so I always assumed it was some high-calorie energy bar.”

From this fan’s comment, the seems prefer the filmmakers did a decent job of leading viewers to think that the was much more than a sesame breadstick. Other fans believed it can be a granola bar or even a fish stick.

“I always secretly hoped it was a chicken taquito and also that Yoda was later food preparation charro beans in the hut,” one more fan added.

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While there will constantly be questions about all things in the galaxy far, far away, at least this one is currently cleared up.