Pretty tiny Liars: 10 reasons Why Alison & Hanna Aren't real Friends relationship are whatever on Pretty tiny Liars. The following list details few of the reasons Hanna and Alison may never have actually been real friends.

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Pretty little Liars is just one of the couple of shows out there with whole main cast composed of female characters. As such, we acquire to suffer a many of complex and exciting friendships in between women. One of the main relationships on the series is that between Alison Dilaurentis and Hanna Marin. But are they yes, really friends?

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Alison manipulated Hanna, urged her eating disorder and many other terrible things. In return, Hanna never ever knew the genuine Alison, at least not for many years after she returned right into their lives. The complying with list details few of the reasons Hanna and Alison may never have been actual friends after all.

How can you be actual friends with someone who referred to as you "Hefty Hanna?" That"s what Alison called Hanna, to her face and also behind her back. She had no difficulty belittling Hanna and also making her feel insecure.

Alison picked the end insecurities in she friends therefore she could exert manage over them, and it was never much more noticeable 보다 in exactly how she cure Hanna over the years. She do her feeling fat and ugly, regardless of she actual appearance. Is that the work-related of a friend?

9 Alison urged Hanna To have An eating Disorder

as if it wasn"t bad enough that Alison commonly mocked Hanna and also made her feeling inferior, she openly motivated Hanna to have actually an eating disorder. She would certainly tell Hanna not to eat and tell she it was "for her very own good."

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She pretended to carry out it under the guise that "caring" because that Hanna, but in reality, she just wanted to control her even more. Even worse, in an additional flashback, it"s displayed that in ~ one point Alison even offered to assist Hanna take care of binging episodes. She doesn"t clearly say it, but Alison strongly indicates she will certainly teach Hanna exactly how to purge after ~ she party eats.

They constantly say it"s a tricky line to walk when you start to gain close to someone you idolize. That was certainly true v Hanna and Alison. For lot of Hanna"s youth, she tried to mold herself right into an Alison clone. She mimicked she looks, she habits, and even she attitude.

She want what Alison had actually in terms of confidence and popularity. As such, that made Hanna extra bitter toward Alison as soon as she realized she spent so lot time trying to be who else rather of detect her very own identity.

7 Hanna never ever Stood up to Alison

Hanna has constantly been haunted by her lack of capability to stand as much as Alison as soon as they to be younger. Not just did she never protect herself when Alison mocked and also belittled her, however she would sit by and also do nothing when Alison would make funny of other world like Lucas and Mona.

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In a way, Hanna would come to be as cruel as Alison as she sat earlier and allow things occur without do the efforts to stop them. She was Alison"s minion, and also there wasn"t any parity or mutual respect in between them.

during one that her therapy sessions, Hanna called Alison she worst enemy. She told Dr. Sullivan all of her real feelings around the previous Queen Bee and what she had actually to say wasn"t exactly the native of someone talking about her best friend.

Instead, Hanna questioned how Alison made her feel terrible all the time and also constantly belittled her, made her feel weak, and more. Hanna stated she would no longer give Alison the strength of her life and tried to eliminate the false finest friend from her thoughts and also life.

5 Alison constantly Lied come Hanna

psychic the recall that confirmed Hanna and Alison at a salon someday with Alison sporting her new Vivian Darkbloom look? She had actually a possibility at that allude to phone call Hanna the truth around her alias, or in ~ least offer her more of a hint around what to be going on.

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Instead, she just said she to be trying come be someone else and also suggested Hanna try doing the same. Alison hid every little thing from Hanna, and also the remainder of her friends, for the matter.

Mona and Hanna didn"t really come to be friends until after Alison was out of the picture. Before that, Hanna never stood approximately Alison once she continuous bullied Mona. Yet when Alison came back into the picture, the grudge in between Alison and also Mona was much from over.

Hanna was constantly compelled into the center of their conflict.

3 Alison Belittled Hanna Over she Hookup with Mike

Hanna and Mike"s short hookup might not have been the finest idea, considering Hanna to be older than him and he to be her best friend, Aria"s, brother. But still, once Alison discovered the 2 of lock together, she wasn"t together understanding around the entire thing together she can have been.

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She made funny of Hanna because that being a "cradle robber." Alison made it seem favor Hanna had actually nothing to sell Mike or anyone. That would have been quite for her take that chance to construct Hanna up rather than making use of it come tear her down.

can you really take into consideration someone her friend once they devise a arrangement to terrorize you and also your mother? In the fifth season the the show, Alison it s okay Noel come break right into Hanna"s house with a knife come terrify Hanna"s mom, Ashley, so she would be much less likely to concern Alison"s story.

Alison working through Noel at every is a complication considering everything he"d excellent to the liars before that point, and also afterward, too.

1 Hanna want Alison To leave Town

after ~ Alison finally returns come Rosewood, over there comes a allude where Hanna help Alison escape town because she is still trying come hide from A. She keeps that a secret from she friends, even Emily, however eventually confesses come Caleb that part of her just wanted Alison gone.

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This proves that component of Hanna had never forgiven Alison for whatever that occurred when they were younger. That sort of grudge have the right to ruin any friendship.

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