“When go the Disciples get the holy Spirit, top top Resurrection Evening in ~ a locked room (John 20:19-23) or ~ above Pentecost once ‘they were all with each other in one place’ (Acts 2:1-4)?”

I was one of three ministers eating lunch together as soon as this question surfaced and we were confront to face with a seeming contradiction. John records in 14:6, 25-26 and also 15:26 that the holy Spirit, the soul of Truth, would certainly come ~ above the disciples. He adds in 16:7 the native of Jesus: “I am telling you the truth. The is for your benefit that ns go away, because if ns don’t go away the Counselor will certainly not involved you. If ns go, I will send Him to you.”

Meanwhile, Luke writes exactly how “after” Jesus reiterates His promise to send the divine Spirit (“… You will get power once the divine Spirit has actually come on you …”, Acts 1:8) and also “after” His ascension (“… He to be taken up …”, Acts 1:9,10) “then” we have actually the actual resulting the divine Spirit (“… they were filled through the divine Spirit …”, 2:1-4). Why, then, execute we check out in man 20:21-22: “Jesus said to castle again, ‘Peace to you! as the Father has actually sent Me, I additionally send you.’ After speak this, the breathed on lock (ten of the disciples) and said, ‘Receive the divine Spirit’”?

What he said and did below was “before” that left and nearly 50days before Pentecost! Is there a conflict in between what John and also Luke report?

Professor Craig L. Blomberg asks and answers this concern in The Apologetics study Bible’s notes by Holman scriptures Publishers (p. 1616): “Is this John’s massively reworked counterpart to Pentecost (Acts 2)? No. Just ten of the disciples to be present and also nothing ‘spiritual’ taken place afterward. They just went fishing (21:3)”.

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Dr. Blomberg walk on come share his explanation and/or reconciliation the John’s account v that the Luke: “More likely, this to be a dramatic object lesson or early stage bestowal that the soul to prepare them for the much more dramatic filling the would occur seven weeks later on in Jerusalem.”

I am much more inclined to agree with Craig Blomberg than Leon Morris, that in his comment on man writes: “The relation of this gift (of the divine Spirit, man 20:22) to that made ~ above the day of Pentecost is obscure. Some scholars hold that the two space incompatible.” the then looks for to mediate the “incompatibility” by introduce to the “diversities that gifts however the very same Spirit (I Corinthians 12:4)” and also ends increase proposing the “John tells united state of one gift and also Luke that another.”

Where perform we stand? there is no doubt that John taped the promises of Jesus around the coming divine Spirit. And he includes what Jesus said about “leaving” prior to bestowing the holy Spirit: “… if ns don’t walk away the Counselor will certainly not involved you. If i go, I will send Him to you” (16:7). Obviously, he observed no conflict or contradiction in what he later on wrote in 20:22: “He breathed top top them and also said, ‘Receive the divine Spirit’”! Therefore, I think we may conclude the Jesus to be preparing the disciples because that Pentecost when He breathed ~ above them.

Certainly, this to be reminiscent the Genesis 2:7, as soon as God breathed the breath that life right into man. Right here the Resurrected Christ is breathing God’s Spirit into them as an appetizer or foretaste the what was to come when they would be “filled” v His soul on Pentecost!

We Christians have the right to take heart in the truth that Christ came not simply to live among us (as Jesus lived through the Disciples), endure with us (as Jesus empathized v the sick and suffering), and also die for united state (as Jesus sacrificed self on the cross), but to live in us v the presence and also power that His holy Spirit! may we sing v our heart, soul, and also mind the indigenous of this song Fill Me Now:

Fill Me Now, fill me now, Jesus, come and also fill me now; Fill me with They hallowed visibility – Come, O come and fill me now.

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May our everyday prayer be the we will be filled v His Spirit, motivating our thoughts and feelings, empowering our words and actions, and transforming united state to gift truly Christ-like Christians! might we strive to have the ability to say through Paul: “I no longer live, but Christ stays in me” (Gal. 2:20). Might each that us endure the answer to Paul’s prayer for believers favor us: “to know the Messiah’s love that surpasses knowledge, for this reason you might be filled v all the fullness of God” (Ephesians 3:19).

That fullness did not happen for the hands-on worker in their Resurrection Evening conference or your Pentecost Gathering. Over there is more to god’s “coming into our lives” 보다 one event can encompass. Amen!