You can probably surname the joined States’ national animal: the outright eagle. However did you know the U.S. Has an additional national mammal, the bison? about 35% the countries global have multiple national animals representing them. These animals range from basic national animals to much more descriptive category like nationwide birds, nationwide aquatic animals, and even a national equine or two. Some nations even re-publishing the same national or heraldic animal as other countries. There is one pet 17 different countries list as their national symbol. Plus, more countries than you could think are stood for by mythical creatures. The world’s national animals include much more dragons, double-tailed lions, phoenixes, and also unicorns than show up in bother Potter and also throughout every eight seasons of video game of Thrones combined. Read on come discover much more about the national pets of every country.

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View National animals of Every country in a full display map

The map has 158 national animals. Kind them by the categories our data source noted, which has national insects, reptiles, heraldic symbols, and also more.

Categories & typical Animals

The national animals can be grouped into ten categories. The many frequent classification is simply “national animal,” of i m sorry there room 87 ~ above the map. Typically, each nation has just one main national pet that is the ultimate representation of the country. Some places may also have a national bird. In fact, 33 nations list national birds. Plus, there are 16 national heraldry animals. Heraldic national animals are drawings of pets that may have showed up on a shield throughout the country’s history. Over there are likewise ten nationwide aquatic animals and five national insects, in addition to national dogs, heritage animals, horses, predators, and reptiles.

You can sort the map over by this ten national animal categories, just as you deserve to do with any map made through It’s dubbed map grouping, which enables you to use groups to malfunction your data and see fads on a map.

Countries with typical Animals

The Czech Republic’s Double-tailed lion

Seventeen countries have the same nationwide animal: the lion. However, there space some differences in between the lions that represent these countries. Five nations list the lion as a heraldic national animal. Belgium’s is the mythical Belgic lion, if the double-tailed lion, another mythological creature, to represent the Czech Republic. In enhancement to Belgium and the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, phibìc Macedonia, and also Norway additionally have heraldic lion nationwide animals.

Iran’s nationwide lion is much more specific: the Persian lion. Contrasted to the typical African lion, the Persian lion is smaller and also less hairy. However, aside from the five countries with heraldic national lions and Iran, the following 11 countries have the specific same african lion together their nationwide animal:

EnglandEthiopiaThe GambiaKenyaLibyaLuxembourgMoroccoSierra LeoneSingaporeSri LankaTogo

You’ll note that seven out the the 11 countries are in Africa. This renders sense seeing as it is the african lion that represents lock all. Then we have the 2nd most common national animal: the Arabian oryx. This tiny antelope is the national pet of Oman, Qatar, and the unified Arab Emirates.

Countries v Multiple nationwide Animals

Pakistan’s national animals

Pakistan, Finland, India, and also Mexico each have an ext than four national animals. Pakistan has six unique animals. The country is ultimately represented by their main national animal: the Markhor. However, Pakistan also lists a nationwide aquatic animal, the Indus river dolphin, a national bird, the Chukar, and a national reptile, the Indus crocodile. They likewise have a nationwide heritage bird: the Shaheen falcon, which we categorized together a nationwide bird top top the map. Plus, Pakistan is the only nation with a national predator: the eye leopard.

Finland, India, and Mexico have actually five different national pet symbols. Finland’s national pet is the Brown bear. The country additionally has a nationwide bird, the Whooper swan, and a national aquatic animal, the europe perch. Plus, they have a nationwide insect, the Seven-spot ladybird, and a national butterfly, the Holly blue, that we paired through the other insects on the map.

India is lot the same as Finland, through the addition of a nationwide reptile, the King cobra and a nationwide heritage animal, the Indian elephant. India’s #1 national animal is the royal Bengal tiger. Mexico likewise has a similar makeup together the various other two nations with five national animal symbols. However, Mexico also has a nationwide dog, the Xoloitzcuintli, and a nationwide mammal, the Jaguar, which for mapping purposes, us paired v other national animals. Mexico’s key national pet is the gold eagle, which likewise appears on the national flag.

Overall, 35 the end of the 102 countries represented ~ above the map have more than one nationwide animal. Breaking it down, 23 countries have two national pet symbols. Eight countries have three national animals, three places have actually five, while only Pakistan boasts six national animals.

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Dragons & Phoenixes & Unicorns, oh My: the Mythical Creatures

We found it fascinating the the complying with 15 countries have mythical nationwide animals:

Austria — Austrian Bundesadler “Federal Eagle”Belgium — Leo Belgicus “Belgic lion”Bhutan — DrukChina — Chinese dragonCzech Republic — Double-tailed lionGermany — Bundesadler “Federal Eagle”Greece — PhoenixHungary — TurulIndonesia — GarudaNorth Korea — ChollimaPortugal — prick of BarcelosRussia — Double-headed eagleScotland — UnicornSerbia — White eagleWales — Y Ddraig Goch (Welsh Dragon)

Now the you recognize the national pets of every country, it’s time to increase your knowledge even further. Inspect out our map that the state birds, capitals, and flowers of each of the 50 joined States. It will certainly even present you just how to do your very own flashcard maps to help you visualize your data. With, the intuitive learning options are endless.