Since skateboarding started in California, plenty of countries embraced this too much sport because of the benefits it gives and the enjoyment it implores come every skateboarder. However, v the crashes associated v skateboarding and some negative inputs relates come this sport, over there was once a country that banned skateboarding. 

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Way back in the year 1978, the nation of Norway do a regulation the prohibits skateboarding. The was certainly the start of together prohibition, which says that selling and use that skateboard are considered as one illegal act. 
The government of Norway do the stated prohibition due to the increasing accidents during this time associated with skateboarding. However, it was in the year 1989 once this prohibition to be lifted up. During this time, human being were given totally free access to countless recreational spaces to play skateboards rather of just doing it anywhere. 

The Skateboard Story in Norway

It’s fairly surprising to know that a an excellent sport known and widely played this days was once being prohibition in a specific country. Norway was the only country in the civilization that taped a complete ban the skateboard during its prohibition. The was throughout the mid-70s that skateboarding came to be one of the famed sports in numerous parts of the globe. Norway was never an exemption the this momentum; thus, many Norwegians use skateboards as a sport and recreational activity. However, when mishaps associated with skateboarding rate rose in the country, the Norweigan government decided to prohibit the use, selling, and even importing of any kind of skateboarding related products in the country. 

Off-Limits ice skating Spots

Despite together adversity, skateboard lovers in Norway walk not protect against doing the sports they love. During the ten year of prohibition, skaters do away simply to carry out what castle love. In fact, some teens and other skateboarders do skating ramps in the forest to prevent the authorities. 

From offenders to Celebrities

Finally, in 1989, the skateboard ban in Norway ended. At this point, the interest among people, particularly to the teens, exploded, and also a great transformation happened. Illegal skateboarders came to be idols in this extreme sport as they room now totally free to show off your stunts and also tricks. From offenders to gift celebrities, skateboards experts and also players came to be rooted in this sport and start participating in worldwide events. Last January 2017, Oslo, the country’s capital, finally developed its personalized area for the well- developed sport. Today, the Oslo Skate display is now one the the ideal custom-designed skate parks and one of the biggest in north Europe. 

Today in Norway 

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Image SourceAs that today, countless skate parks have been developed in Norway. One of these is the Oslo Skatehall draft by Dark Arkitekter. It is a beautiful skate hall wherein skateboarders can enjoy and also have all the freedom to present off what they got in this sport. For Norwegians skateboarders, your journey was not easy and smooth sailing. However, they remained solid with high interest in the said sport. This proves the skateboarding is not just a just sport; the is a way of life of civilization that over the speed of time, it remains in their hearts.