I have been a pan of the 2005+ Tacomas because introduction.Though I"m a huge fan that white cars and trucks for practical reasons, specifically 4WDs, now I witnessed a brand-new Tacoma in the parking of the DMV and also it really captured my eye! i don"t know where to obtain a picture to post here, yet I think it to be "Pyrite Mica".You deserve to see it on this develop your very own Toyota page. Http://www.toyota.com/tacoma/exterior-360.htmlThe computer version doesn"t look rather the same, however in human I found it very attractive. The course, the is dark sufficient that follow pin-striping would be an extremely obvious

better picturehttp://www.toyotanation.com/forum/showthread.php?t=264733Toward the peak of this thread is a decent photo of the color.

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Okay, I need to rant around this.Actually, I have actually two rants.First rant: Am ns the only one who"s getting worn down of the bland, boring color cars it seems ~ to have actually nowadays? How countless variations the gray carry out we need? Why are so numerous cars silver? You recognize what silver- is? It"s a shiny variation of gray! For some reason, lots of civilization here it seems to be ~ to like white ("expedition white.") no me. I dislike white, and I"ve owned more white vehicles than any kind of other shade (because I usually buy used, and also except for black, color is never a deal breaker because that me.)Bleh. White is boring. It"s like driving roughly in a empty sheet the paper. Once I had actually my white Montero, ns seriously want to repaint Zebra stripes on the to make it look more interesting. :safari-rig: The just thing I"ll say around white is I prefer it better than black, yet that"s not saying much. Black, white and also silver it seems to be ~ to be the most common colors, yet really, they"re not also colors. They"re the absence
of color. My favorite color is eco-friendly (especially forest green) i beg your pardon was really popular in the 90s yet you see less and also less that it now (I yes, really wish I"d been able to find a woodland green 4runner, i love that color!) I also like interlocutor colors: Orange, yellow, deep blue, even purple. Yet they"re tough to find, specifically on trucks or SUVs (one of the things I like about the FJ Cruiser is they market it in some really nice, bolder colors. Ditto for the Nissan Xterra.) The imports seem worse in this respect, maybe they are sticking v bland colors due to the fact that it makes them much more marketable in other countries, i don"t know. However look in ~ Jeep, for instance, which provides some an excellent colors top top its Wrangler series. Then look in ~ the fourth gen 4runner. For one year (2003) that was offered in a cool dark green, but due to the fact that then there"s a red, and also then 18 various variations that black, gray, silver, white, etc. - AKA the bland colors. I recognize colors are fashion fads that go in cycles, yet I can"t wait for this one come end. Second rant: What"s v these color names? Seems like they have one person who picks the colors, and also then a committee the 10 human being who shot to come up through crative surname for the colors. Apparently they obtain extra points because that making it difficult to determine what the color is by hearing the name.Actually, i take that back, castle don"t have actually 10 civilization picking the names, they have a computer with a random word generator the picks the names. hmm "Desert moon sunflower organdy mica." Yeah, that sounds favor a good color. Of course, indigenous hearing it, you don"t understand whether it"s tan, yellow, orange, white or black, yet it sound cool. This is one more area where the united state manufacturers it seems to be ~ to have an edge: they will typically throw a real shade somewhere into the specify name scheme, choose "Rescue Green" or "Fire engine Red" or "powder blue" so you have at the very least some idea the what the color is. Even my very own truck is apparently "desert dune mica." Why can"t they just say "tan" and also leave it at that? That"s what ns say when I explain it come people.

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^Only thing I got from that was that you didn"t have actually the balls come go through with zebra stripes.. You enabled yourself to drive a blank piece that paper..