There is a big difference in the color between old and new transmission fluids. Here"s everything you have to know about different transmission liquid colors and also a graph to compare your liquid with.

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If you pull the dipstick and also see metal shavings, this a significant concern. It method that the inner workings of your transmission space grinding together, shaving itself down. If you watch this, it’s time come rebuild your transmission, and also there is a good chance you’ll have to replace it.

You should likewise check for metal shavings anytime you drainpipe the transmission fluid completely, as this is as soon as you’ll have the highest possible likelihood of spotting any kind of concerns.

When you examine the fluid with the dipstick, in reality touch it with your fingers. As soon as you have actually the transmission fluid on your fingers, rub them together. It must be smooth. If girlfriend feel any dirt or grime, this way that miscellaneous is going on v your transmission and contaminating the fluid.

Drain the liquid out and also take a closer look in ~ the drained liquid to view if girlfriend can’t uncover any an ext particles. If you discover anything else, you require to have actually the infection serviced and also potentially rebuilt.

Finally, when you traction the dipstick, smell the fluid. It can look monster if who doesn’t recognize what you’re doing, yet it’s an important piece that the puzzle. The transmission fluid should smell fresh – if it provides off a burnt odor, that’s a sign that the oil is previous its prime.

Moreover, if the transmission liquid isn’t old, that a sign that something else is walk on inside your transmission. When a slightly burned smell doesn’t average you must go right out and also rebuild her transmission, you need to keep an eye top top it come make sure that the not acquiring worse.

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There’s no saying that her vehicle’s infection is essential. The great news is the transmission liquid acts together a looking glass to provide you one idea of your transmission’s as whole health – and it take away to examine it is come pull the end the dipstick!

Finally, if whatever looks an excellent with your transmission fluid’s color and also it’s still in ~ the manufacturer’s specifications, yes sir no reason to readjust it. Transmission liquid can critical a lot much longer than oil, nothing let a shady dealership or repair shop shot to tell friend otherwise.