Atlanta is a good town, except for one point — it’s no on the water! To uncover a an excellent beach, you have to travel. If friend live in Atlanta, you could ask yourself, “Where is the closest beach to Atlanta?” great Question!

There are a few Georgia beaches that are basic day trips native Atlanta, yet most choices are best suited for an oceanside beach vacation. We’ll tell girlfriend what seaside coast is closest to Atlanta, and give friend the scoop top top several much more driveable favorites.

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Escape come an uncrowded paradise less than a two hour trip from Atlanta! Martin county boasts a beautiful organic landscape, farm yard to table restaurants, world-class fishing, eclectic shopping and also unique cultural experiences for the whole family come enjoy.

Disconnect to reconnect in martin County, where seemingly limitless Atlantic beaches span virtually 22 miles follow me the coast and include individual accessibility strips that permit for more private point out to reap the surf and also sand or larger, guard-protected areas like Stuart Beach, Hobe Sound Beach and Sea tortoise / Jensen Beach. There are additionally numerous beaches along the Indian flow Lagoon to explore such as the coast at Indian RiverSide Park. Building restrictions have limited structures to four stories, keeping breathtaking views throughout the county. The natural beauty and also attractions right here offer up a endowment trove of activities—minus the crowds of our renowned next-door neighbors.

Address:Stuart, Florida
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North Topsail beach in Onslow County, NC: No Crowds;Just Right!

Direct Flights native Atlanta
Plan your Onslow Vacation

Topsail coast is a surprise gem only 1.5 hour flight from Atlanta (or around a 7 hour drive)! If you’re searching for a clean beach, through beautiful surf, few people, and great vacation rental options, phibìc Topsail coast in Onslow county is the place for you. It is gorgeous – there is no the crowds of other beaches in the area!The coast is so broad and good for lounging, playing frisbee with kids, structure sandcastles, and also playing in the water. There’s an excellent fishing below too! load your beach equipment – stop go!

Address:Onslow County, phibìc Carolina

The closest beach to Atlanta technically may be at a lake, yet when ns think of the beach, I’m yes, really thinking about oceanside family getaways trying to find sea shells! Or funny weekend getaways that incorporate restaurants with impressive seafood captured nearby.

There space plenty to select from in the southeast, and if you"re in search of the ideal location to stay then also check out our Beach home Rentals post, too.

Beaches in Georgia

Beaches near Me might not be the an initial thing you think of once you think of this impressive state -- but it need to be! Georgia has actually some that the many beautiful and also unique beaches around, and lucky because that you -- they"re no too far away native the ATL.

Tybee Island

Tybee Island is sometimes called Savannah"s Beach since it’s for this reason close come the city. In fact, you can stay in Savannah and enjoy a city and also sand vacation favor we did recently. However how far is Savannah indigenous Atlanta? It’s about 3.5 hours, or if you’d rather measure the distance from Atlanta come Savannah in miles, it’s roughly 250 miles, making Tybee Island the closest coast to Atlanta, and also perfect for fast getaways.

In addition to enjoy it the sand between your toes ~ above the Tybee Island beach, be sure to check out Sea Kayak Georgia because that a tourism of the marshes and also waterways around the island.

If you’d quite enjoythe marshes indigenous the land, order the low country shrimp boil at the Crab Shack and also enjoy it out on the deck with marsh views. Friend can also feed the gators if you"re there! (Seriously!)

Places come Stay: Excellent Kid-Friendly Accommodations and Hotels In Savannah Ga (& Tybee!)

St. Simons Island

There are several Georgia beaches, yet my favorite Georgia vacations are usually at St. Simons Island. Probably due to the fact that I’ve invested the many time there.

The King and Prince is where you want to stay to be on the St. Simons Island beach. They additionally have number of swimming pools. My favourite is the main pool the overlooks the ocean. That the perfect compromise for my child who likes the pool and me that feels prefer we can swim in a swimming pool anywhere, I desire an oceanside beach destination.

The King and also Prince additionally has a wonderful restaurant dubbed Echo. In enhancement to delicious food you deserve to eat oceanside (the just oceanside restaurant ~ above the island), they also have a good happy hour.

The Cloister in ~ Sea Island

The most luxurious beaches inGeorgia room at theThe Sea Island family members of coast resorts. Ns still dreaming about the beds at The Cloister in ~ Sea Island, and also the spa -- where I had one that the best massages of my life.

Although this is a really family trusted resort, it"s also a good place if friend are searching for romantic getaways in Georgia. In fact, it"s a favourite for honeymooners.

The Beach club at Sea Island is the ar to it is in for s views. Rental a catamaran ~ above the beach, or simply relax on one of the lounge chairs under an umbrella. If the children get as well antsy, they have the right to walkacross the sandto the beach Club and also either play in the pool, struggle the arcade, or get involved in any variety of games prefer basketball or shuffleboard. If you require a break from the sun, over there is a free movie theatre (popcorn is extra).

And for the adults, there are number of beachside bars and an ice cream shop the serves up the renowned Sea Island yellow Brick Sundae – well maybe that’s for the kids, or all the kids at heart.

Looking to gain Sea Island luxury for less? inspect out a remain at The Inn in ~ Sea Island.

Jekyll Island Beach

Jekyll Island is going v an exceptional renaissance. If you’ve never ever been, now is the moment to go. If you’ve remained in the past, it’s precious a second look.

I’ve always enjoyed continuing to be at the historical Jekyll Island Club, however it’s no on the beach. The brand-new Jekyll s Club is component of the historical Jekyll Island club family and also IS on the beach. Want much more hotels ~ above the Georgia beach? The Westin at Jekyll Island, the vacation Inn at Jekyll Island, and the Hampton Inn room all an excellent choices too.

Have you ever wanted to see a coast absolutely filled with the haunting silhouettes the trees and also driftwood? Beaches choose that don"t exist -- other than on Jekyll Island! Driftwood beach is an absolute must-do. It"s an exceptional beach, important unique, and you cannot take it a bad picture there. Spend the job relaxing there, or acquire some great pictures during the sunset -- girlfriend won"t remorse it.

You can not visit Jekyll without seeing the Georgia Sea tortoise Center, however I’d additionally recommend a visit to the less flashy, however equally funny Tidelands Nature Center. If you have children with you, Summer waves water park is a must.

Little St. Simons Island

Little St. Simons Islandis the perfect family getaway for anyone that loves nature, yet hates camping. Additionally, the food can complete with the ideal Atlanta restaurant, and there is always a cooler that adult beverages chilling on the porch.

This is truly among my favourite island beaches, and thankfully it"s also one the the closestly beaches come Atlanta.

Sapelo Island

Although travellers won’t run into many human being on Sapelo Island, what they will find are unspoiled beaches, dense maritime forests, miles of undisturbed salt-marsh land, a mansion native a by-gone era, and a neighborhood of slave decedents maintaining an virtually forgotten culture.

Cumberland Island nationwide Seashore

While we"re in ~ it, don"t miss another of the "by-ferry-only" barrier islands - Cumberland Island. You have the right to stay in ~ the historical Greyfield Inn, or turbulent it ~ above the beach. Setup your trip once the bugs space gone...but execute it early, together the element camping spots to fill up quick.

Rent a bike and also tour the island that way, or long walking isn"t a bad way to watch this island either. Make sure you avoid by to see the damages of Dungeness!

I mean, this is a beach whereby you will view wild horses! need I to speak more?

Private archipelago of Georgia

Eagle Island isn’t just for rapid getaways, yet true escapes. Similar to the surname suggests, it’s your own private island, available only through boat.

Beaches in Florida

Some the the best beaches in the United says are located in Florida, and lucky for us -- us don"t need to travel much to acquire there!

Jacksonville Beaches

Twenty-two miles of broad open beaches are at her fingertips just south that the Georgia/Florida border in Jacksonville, Florida. The Jacksonville coast Pier is a must-see, and you"ll discover lots that waterfront dining in the area too! You"ll uncover golf courses, and also plenty of water sporting activities on Jacksonville Beach, including some that the ideal surfing around.

Looking because that something an ext rustic and also less "big city?" shot nearbyKathryn Abbey Hanna Park. You"ve obtained over a mile the beach, prime because that a fresh-water lake and also a splash pad for the kiddos. You can even camp here!

Tampa Beaches

It"s much more than 6 hours from Atlanta to Tampa, however you have the right to sometimes acquire really good flights the make the Tampa beaches closer.

The best component about the closestly beaches to Tampa is there are so plenty of to pick from -- every within one hour journey of the city. Clearwater beach is more than likely what girlfriend think of as soon as you think Tampa beach, yet I have friends who live in the area that love Caladesi Island State Park too.

The nearest coast to Tampa is most likely the Ben T. Davis windy beach, but it is top top the bay, no the gulf. And also if you want something supervisor special, climate take a dip once the weather is cold - you have the right to swim v Manatees!

Grayton Beach

Florida’s panhandle has some that the nicest beaches in the entire world. Components of that are well-known as the Emerald Coast because of the shimmering environment-friendly ocean. A lesser well-known spot in this area is Grayton Beach. Grayton has one the the best beachside campgrounds.

Traveling with your furry four-leg friend? inspect out these dog-friendly beaches in Florida.

Amelia Island

Amelia Island has actually oodles (and by the we typical 40+) public beach access points, making it straightforward to enjoy the waterfront no matter where ~ above the island you’re staying.

In addition, there are many things to carry out out that the water choose visit fort Clinch State Park or wander around historic downtown Fernandina.

Panama City Beach

Panama City beach is a renowned beach city in the northwest Florida sector -- known an ext commonly as the panhandle. In enhancement to sugar-white sands, there are lots of points to carry out in Panama City Beach! You"ll uncover water recreation and also outdoor fun, together with other attractions, tasks and amenities.

A visit right here is not simply for feather Break anymore. You"ll find plenty of family friendly tasks here too!

New Smyrna Beach

Just southern of human being famous Daytona beach is glorious brand-new Smyrna. It"s important a surf hub, which makes it therefore fun! You"ll find surrounding Canaveral nationwide Seashore which makes a fun day pilgrimage or overnight camping spot.

Visit Ponce Inlet and also its lighthouse, the historical Canal Street district for shopping and food, and also don"t miss out on the black color Heritage Museum.

Cape san Blas

Cape mountain Blas Florida is an ext remote 보다 the previously mentioned Georgia vacation spots, but that’s what ns like about it.

Relax on the coast -- girlfriend can also have a bonfire there -- or bike under to the state park. If girlfriend need much more action, there is a lot of to carry out in bordering towns like Port St. Joe, if you know where to look (and you will certainly if you review this Gulf ar Florida post).


One that our favorite destinations, Destin, uses gorgeous emerald waters and also equally stunningwhite-sand beaches. There room tasty cook treasures and also tons the cool points to carry out here, too! shot water adventures choose cruising, paddleboarding, seeing dolphins and more...or hit up among several state parks ~ above the beach.

Don"t confuse this withSandestin. Sandestin is type of the South’s answer to the Atlantic beaches boardwalk, and also a totally different experience.


I"m cheating a little here - Stuart and Martin County space not super close...but we have actually been below 3-4 times and also absolutely love play in the Atlantic follow me these shores. I can"t introduce it here enough!

Beaches in southern Carolina

Our neighbors in southern Carolina have some beautiful beaches too! It"s time to examine them out, and maybe include a visit to their beaches to your vacation list.

Daufuskie Island

South Carolina"s southernmost sea island is simply a mile indigenous Hilton Head, but a people away. You"ll need a watercraft to obtain to Daufuskie Island, due to the fact that there is no bridge.

Once there, soak up some sun on the beaches, hit up the neighborhood artist scene, shot delicious seafood (like the crab cakes in ~ Lucy Belle"s - five my!) and if you, prefer us, can"t stand to component the island then take into consideration calling it home with residential or commercial property or a nationwide Membership at Haig Point.

Charleston Beaches

Another perfect location to integrate a city and also sand vacation is in Charleston. At the Cottages in ~ Charleston Harbor, you have your very own private coast area, simply off the rocking chair screened porch. Over there is likewise a pool and hot bathtub at the clubhouse. It’s a perfect set up for household getaways or a team of friends.

Down the road is the marina with watercraft transportation come downtown Charleston. Us rode the Cottages" bikes to Patriots point to view the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier and also the beautiful Mt. Satisfied Memorial Park with a marine-themed playground and also fishing pier. Yet this is a post about real oceanside beaches, and the closestly one right here is Sullivan’s Island, a 15-minute journey away.

Considered among Charleston"s Beaches, Isle of Palms is just a stone"s litter away. Us adore the broad beaches and luxurious yet comfortable will of Wild Dunes on this island. It"s an excellent for couples, yet PERFECT because that families!

Kiawah Island

A stay at the Sanctuary top top Kiawah Island is prefer combining luxury accommodations with a nature-filled vacation. The is simply divine to open up the doors to the ocean, and also sit the end on the balcony overlooking the waves.

Head on over to Beachwalker county Park for public beach access!

Hilton Head Island

When I originally put this short article up, reader Kathi Girard request via on facebook why we didn"t encompass her favourite beach destination -- Hilton Head Island. It"s been a looong time because I"ve to be to Hilton Head, so i asked Kathi to offer us the within scoop. Here is what she said.

"We constantly stay at Hilton Head Beach and Tennis ~ above Folly field Rd. It has actually a vast pool ideal on the s (although I"m like you, I can swim in a swimming pool anytime, i go for the ocean), likewise a smaller sized adult-only pool, tennis courts and most units have actually a check out of the s (some much better than others). There"s a tiki bar in ~ the key pool, and also as sporting activities bar and also pizza joint on the property. Ns think there may be a sit under restaurant and also on website bike rentals. Most importantly, the beach is beautiful. Wide stretches of beautiful white sand.

Because it"s a condo and also we want to spend as lot time on the beach together possible, we don"t really eat out, but there is a large Kroger, a Walmart and a Publix nearby, so choose up stuff to cook or native the deli is easy.

As because that Hilton Head chin there are bike trails everywhere and also it"s relatively flat so straightforward riding. There are also three mini golf courses, and numerous 18-hole courses.

The 3 main locations are Coligny Plaza and Public Beach, and also Harbour city at Sea Pines Resort, and also Shelter Cove. Lots of restaurants, shops and activities. In the summer, shelter Cove has actually HarbourFest every Tuesday night, live music, carnival games and fireworks."

Thanks Kathi - sound fantastic...but I have to admit to being partial to Beaufort, just north of there!

Myrtle Beach

If you’re trying to find a vacation through no shortage of activities to store the whole family busy that additionally won’t rest the bank, consider Myrtle Beach, south Carolina. From miles of Atlantic Oceanbeaches and shopping, come entertaining shows and attractions, the grand Strand is affordable and also tons of fun. Indigenous the amusement park to the boardwalk, there is so lot to do!

I"ve not "overnighted" in Myrtle coast - just stopped in for the job - but we did visit Georgetown simply south of the large tourist area, and also we love the an ext quiet beaches and also relaxed feel readily available here.

Beaches in Alabama

You may have actually heard -- Alabama"s got some good beaches too! Head west and see what the excitement"s all about.

Gulf Shores/Orange Beach

Gulf Shoresand neighboring Orange Beach room on the southern seaside community that Alabama’s lower quadrant, sit just throughout the state heat from Pensacola and known because that white sand beaches juxtaposing glorious, emerald-tinted Gulf that Mexico waters.

Packed with water recreation, new seafood, and also family fun, Gulf Shores is simple trek indigenous Atlanta via I-85 come I-65 and then come AL 59 – much less than 6 hours and you’re on the beach!

Beaches in north Carolina

North Carolina has actually some the the ideal family familiar beaches around! fill up your swimsuits and also the kids" floaties, and also get all set for a memorable vacation.

Outer banks Beaches

Looking because that beach communities the entirety family can enjoy? The beaches that The Outer financial institutions in phibìc Carolina offer every little thing you can possibly dream of.

Soar favor the bright Brothers with hang gliding lessons v Kitty eagle Kites, or enjoy horseback riding ~ above the beaches that the national Seashore.

Climb the lighthouses, go on a fishing expedition, or just let the large Atlantic waves toss you around as girlfriend soak increase the sun.

Places to Stay: 49 most Charming AirBnB Outer financial institutions Rentals for Every Budget

Wilmington"s Beaches

Wilmington is home to Carolina, Kure, and Wrightville Beaches. There are water tours, a sea tortoise camp, kayaking adventures, and a beautiful to make reservation - Masonboro Island to make reservation - perfect because that escaping to for some herbal beauty!

Be certain to try these NC work Trips as soon as you visit!

Mississippi Gulf Beaches

The Mississippi Gulf coast is about a 6-hour trip from Atlanta, so that isn"t have to "close" -- yet it"s worth the journey! The white sandy beaches room gorgeous, and there is so lot to perform - because that couples, because that families...and everyone in between.

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Beaches in Atlanta

If you really don"t have time because that a quick getaway and are reasoning you really need THE the next beach, climate there are a couple of Atlanta beaches to try!

The closest beach to Atlanta is the coast at global Park in Jonesboro, Georgia. The Jonesboro Beach, and also the beaches in ~ Callaway Gardens (80 miles), Lake Lanier will (46 miles) and also other area lakes make an excellent day trips indigenous Atlanta or quick getaways.

Make sure you check out few of your local Georgia State Parks. Many of castle have famous lake beaches too!