Lake Norman is a beautiful area with a multitude of methods to spend top quality time with your loved ones, or just acquire away from fact for a while. While Charlotte is a big city providing the glitz and glamour in ~ times, the lakeside the Charlotte, Lake Norman, is residence to numerous celebrities and also household names. You never know who you can run into during your time in the area, whether you speak to Lake Norman residence or girlfriend are just stopping in. From sporting activities stars to acquainted Hollywood faces, you might run right into a celebrity at a stoplight or simply eating lunch. By much the best celebrity surname in the Lake Norman area is just one of the best basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan. MJ returned back to his roots, to buy a lake-front residence in Cornelius back in 2012. Among Jordan's finest friends and a top-notch NASCAR driver, Denny Hamlin, also resides in Cornelius. 


Denny Hamlin and also Michael Jordan have developed a brand-new racing team, 23XI Racing, i beg your pardon will feature Bubba Wallace in the NASCAR Cup Series. Lock announced to plan to construct the team headquarters in Huntersville. The mixed-use project will incorporate commercial space, 300 apartments, a hotel and also flex space.

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The Lake Norman area is home to wealth of NASCAR drivers as it's close to Charlotte, the house of racing. Over there are many drivers that at this time live or have actually lived ~ above or roughly the lake. Brad Keselowski is no stranger to the area as he's even held one autograph session at the Galway Hooker ireland Pub.

Dale Earnhart Jr. owns a 200-acre residence right external of Mooresville, and also that puts NASCAR's most well-known driver (15 years in a row) close come the heart of Lake Norman. Other popular names in the racing human being like Tony Stewart and also reigning Cup series champion Kyle Busch have lived ~ above Lake Norman.

You can have watched Michael Waltrip ~ above Season 19 that Dancing with the Stars, but you can catch him around the lake together well. The Joe Gibbs Racing fan Fest happens the Friday before the fall races where you can obtain autographs indigenous the JGR team. Other notable chauffeurs that have been seen approximately the area include Kasey Kahne, Danica Patrick, Rusty Wallace, Joey Logano, and also Chris Buescher. You never ever know, you could happen to traction up beside them at a stoplight!



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Movies & TV shows filmed roughly Lake Norman

Airing top top CMT, Racing Wives provides a spotlight into the an individual lives of several of the most renowned NASCAR vehicle drivers including Kyle and Kurt Busch and your spouses. You're may be see exactly how their wives balance their lives between supporting their husbands and family through achieving their own an individual dreams. Whitney Ward Dillon and aspiring race automobile driver, Amber Balcaen, are additionally featured in the show. 

Will Ferrell and John C. Reiley starred in Talladega Nights, a comedy film featuring the ballad that Ricky Bobby. Scenes to be filmed top top the monitor at Charlotte engine Speedway, and in the Speedway society restaurant that overlooks the 1.5-mile oval. The infamous dream house Ricky Bobby wants can be uncovered by the waters of Lake Norman.

Other remarkable movies and also shows include American Animals, Shots Fired, Homeland, and also Paper Towns.


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Careful What You wish For featuring Nick Jonas, is an additional movie filmed in the area. Fans spotted him in several different restaurants around Birkdale VIllage. The frequented Bad Daddy's citizens Bar so often, castle even offered a Slick Nick Burger for a minimal time! In situation you were wondering, the delicious turkey burger come on a entirety wheat bun through Monterey Jack Cheese, Jalapeno Bacon, Fried Egg, lettuce, and pickles. The Lakefront bargain Hunt airs top top HGTV and features episodes on Lake Norman during Season 3 Ep. 2 and Season 10 Ep. 12.


The Curry family grew up in the area v the father, Dell Curry, play for the Charlotte Hornets in the 1990s. His sons, Stephen and Seth Curry have come to be local heroes, v Steph gift a 2-time MVP and Davidson Wildcat Legend. He return to Davidson at least once a year and also still stays by the mantra collection by Davidson College basketball head coach Bob McKillop come this day.

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Charlotte Hornets rookie, LaMelo ball has been spotted attending a Lake Norman Christian's basketball game to clock their star, Mikey Williams, play in Huntersville. Former Boston Celtics star and also NBA room of Famer Robert Parish owns a home in Cornelius, fitting ideal in at the Peninsula together with Michael Jordan and Joe Gibbs.


Current Carolina Panthers backup quarterback Will Grier resides in the Lake Norman area, and also he and also his brothers, Nash and also Hayes, all prospered up in the city of Davidson. Nash and Hayes Grier were among the most well-known "Viners" just a few years ago! Other popular names has the legend NFL coach, Marty Schottenheimer who's a homeowner on Lake Norman and the so late Reggie White who passed away in his home in the Peninsula in Cornelius. UNC Charlotte football head coach, Will Healy, has actually stopped by Red Rock's Cafe. 

Most notably, superstar running back, Christian McCaffrey recently purchased a residence on Lake Norman worth about $7.5 million! Its said that this is a record breaking amount ever paid for a waterfront house on the lake. McCaffrey's girlfriend, Olivia Culpo also posted a picture on Instagram in former of their new home. You never ever know, you can see McCaffrey hanging on Lake Norman throughout the warmer months!


Notable Appearances

Reese Witherspoon and Emma Roberts have both ate at the country renowned, Kindred Restaurant. Witherspoon occurred to it is in in Charlotte because that a book tour and had to shot Kindred! You might say she's getting pretty acquainted with Davidson together she also posted a photo of she reading local Davidson writer Megan Miranda's book, The critical Guest House. Miranda's publication was selected together the book of the month for Witherspoon's publication Club!

Main Street Books hosts many authors yearly during book tours which offers avid readers a opportunity to satisfy & greet them. Some even come out through autographed books. Davidson university has brought along several significant guest speakers including Susan Rice, previous United countries Ambassador and National security Adviser to previous President Obama. 



As you deserve to see, plenty of famous celebrities and also sports stars have visited the lakeside the Charlotte or even speak to Lake Norman their home. You yes, really never understand what family name you can see dining around the lake or NASCAR vehicle drivers holding autograph sessions. A expedition to Lake Norman could end up giving you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to check out your favourite celebrity increase close and personal! If girlfriend do, don't forget come tag united state