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The answer to this counts on whether her instructor desires you to offer an immediate cause or one ultimate cause of the autumn of the byzantine Empire.

The immediate cause of the autumn of this empire was the Siege of Constantinople in 1453. In that year, Constantinople, the capital of...

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The answer to this depends on whether her instructor desires you to give an immediate cause or one ultimate cause of the loss of the oriental Empire.

The immediate reason of the autumn of this realm was the Siege that Constantinople in 1453. In that year, Constantinople, the funding of the empire, was overcame by the ottoman Turks. The Ottomans had been fighting the Byzantines for around 100 years by the time and also they had weakened the empire enough that they were finally able to take it Constantinople and put an end to the oriental Empire.

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The ultimate reasons of the autumn of the empire are the determinants that weakened it, making it susceptible to loss at the hand of the Ottomans. There are plenty of such factors. One of these to be the founding and also the rise of Islam. Wild Muslim leaders attacked the empire, taking necessary parts such together Egypt from byzantine control. A 2nd factor to be the resulting the Seljuk Turks. They took over much of Asia Minor, cutting of the Byzantines native even an ext of what had actually been their empire. A 3rd factor was the Crusades. The campaigns were originally released partly to help the Byzantines versus the Muslims, however the Crusaders (who to be Catholic) eventually turned against the Byzantines (who to be Orthodox) and took Constantinople in 1204. Return the Byzantines gained the city back 60 year later, their empire was dilute by this defeat. Finally, we have the right to say that internal strife caused the realm to fall. Over there were two civil battles in the empire in the early on 1300s, which to be both a symptom of inner conflict and a reason of more weakness. 

All the these determinants helped add to the autumn of the oriental Empire, but the immediate reason of that loss was the Siege the Constantinople, successfully undertaken by the ottoman Turks in 1453.