Hyundai has had a good marketing partnership with Burn an alert for 3 years. And also as the USA Network spy drama speed to the end of its final season this summer, Hyundai wants to make sure its sponsorship goes out v a bang, no a whimper.

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"We"re sorry to view the display go," David Matathia, manager of marketing communications for Hyundai USA, told me. "It"s to be a great platform because that us."

And specifically, Matathia said, Burn notice has detailed a "great showplace for the ability of the Genesis Coupe" the is pushed by the character Fiona Glenanne, girl friend of the spy protagonist Michael Westen -- and a pretty great cloak-and-dagger practitioner herself. "We"ve been able to have actually that deep integration and also really show off what the auto can do."

To that end, the show and the automaker have produced a higher-profile role than ever before for the Genesis Coupe. Glenanne, play by Gabrielle Anwar, long has actually been seen behind the wheel in the show"s numerous demanding chase scenes in Miami, yet the treatment of the auto in this last go-round the Burn an alert has been elevated considerably. And it"s not simply a matter of swapping a brand-new Tsukuba Red number for she previous blue one.

For one thing, there have actually been a couple of scenes in Burn notification this seasonlike the recent chase that might have offered as all however the script for a Genesis advertisement. Make the efforts to follow an elusive negative guy v the roads of Miami, Glenanne"s passenger worries that she"s "driving choose Mario Andretti" to store up through them.

"What are you talk about?" she quips. "Mario Andretti never had actually a auto like this." It"s a miracle the Hyundai logo design doesn"t materialize top top the display afterward.

And there"s the infomercial interview through Anwar the USA Network plays during a commercial space in every episode, a personality spot in i m sorry she reveals the she likes yoga and is a mother. And she offers, "Fiona is rather chic. I expect there"s a similarity through her Hyundai Genesis Coupe." The flashy Genesis shimmers in the background. "There"s a sense of speed and also freedom i beg your pardon I do rather enjoy."

The vehicle may it is in red, however that"s product-placement gold. No wonder Hyundai is walk to miss out on it.

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