Welcome come the last camp that aspirational musicians, Camp rock (“Camp rock Anthem”). Mitchie Torres arrives and welcomes her last summer buddies (“Brand brand-new Day”). Camp Rock’s founder, Brown Cesario, welcomes everyone. Mitchie leader the opening Jam through (“This Is Me”). When he appears with his siblings, Nate and Jason, he will certainly be joined by Shane Gray, the attach 3. Tress Tyler take away the stage in a concentrating mode (“Start the Party”). Campers are quickly invited through Brown’s erstwhile competitor and also band partner Axel Turner to to visit Camp Star. A high energy (“fire”) number, i m sorry overwhelms the Camp Rockers, is perform by Luke and the Star Campers.

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At Camp Star, Axel provides them a place and Tess arranges instantly. Brown rapidly transfers the Camp Rockers residence to avoid additional defections. Nate’s daughter Axel, Dana, is struck before she leaves however is too doubtful to say anything.

Which Camp rock character space you

Brown informs the campers the the bulk of his employee have embraced Axel’s proposal and Camp absent would automatically have come close. Mitchie, distraught, is call her fellow men come action. Brown accepts come take over the great of Shane, Nate, and also Jason (“Play my Music”). Amplified by your growth, the Star Campers face the challenge of a final Jam Showdown by the Camp Rockers. Also, girlfriend will discover out i m sorry Camp rock character room you in this quiz.

In order for the spectator to vote on the winner, Tess and Axel raise the ante and also propose “Camp Wars.” Brown is angry as soon as he hears around the competition, however the Rockers sway him castle can. Mitchie starts to work and drives anyone to concentrate. However with Mitchie, anyone gets ago to work. Shane, Nate, and Jason are trying to make their moods much easier (“Heart and also Soul”). Tess misses just how fun she offered to have actually at Camp absent spying native a distance. When Mitchie and also Shane battle to avoid having to spend time together, Nate slips across the lake to sing all the Dana was as well timid to tell (“Introducing Me”).

This June, Camp absent turned 9, and also let’s be real: that holds up. Execute you mental Demi Lovato, 25, together Mitchie Torres’ caterer’s daughter, attempting to make a dream come true of being a singer? Also, can you remember as soon as Joe Jonas that 28 years old (AKA rock singer Shane Gray) was sent to Camp Rock because that his haughty attitude? carry out you remember once Demi sang “This is me,” one of the most memorable songs of the DCOM ever? Also, yes us are.

About the quiz

Here space all the an essential lessons that we learned (again) ~ watching Camp Rock! What Camp absent character space you?

This is a synopsis of the Lil plot: Mitchie can’t purchased Camp rock tuition, but her mother ends up catering, and also Mitchie makes it through the kitchen. The second one she start the stage for “This Is Me,” however, the superhot Shane understands that she is the “voice” for the movie (after having actually heard her song in secret.) In addition, over there is applause native everyone, and also Mitchie and Shane promise come hook up, he, satisfy again next summer.

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Camp Rock was a film in which adolescents went come the summer camp to increase their capability in music. Their love.

We have actually taken one come our team and also watched Camp absent back, soberly to see how it was in reality done. Furthermore, recently, v everyone having actually a newfound obsession through TikTok, movie clips made ring on each of the ‘For You’ sites. Wait until you clock this minute from Camp Rock once you think that Highschool Music to be horrible. Boy, you’re in a exciting place: