Every successful Youtuber doesn’t need a shocking or erratic background story to come to be successful. Connor Joel Franta, is just one of those world who had humble starts but regulated to attain stardom through tough work & dedication. Many civilization have been questioning what kind of camera go YouTuber Connor Franta use? for this reason we decided to find out!

Connor Franta possesses a Canon Rebel T5i, a luxury camera perfect for fulfilling a Vlogger’s requirements from beginner to pro.

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DSLR cameras have actually long to be the preferred choice for shooting high-quality videos, whether it’s because that Vlogging, or for personal occasions. Today, in the period of Youtube, world need fast & easy access to save their pan up-to-date, there is no compromising ~ above the quality.

The T5i is Canon’s method to make certain these requirements are satisfied. Starting off with the video capabilities, the T5i shoots at 1080p complete HD, every the while giving top-notch quality. The calculation is in ~ 30fps, however the plethora of hands-on controls & settings enables the user to make the many out of any type of situation. 

If you require a higher fps rate, then you may select the 720p mode, i beg your pardon shoots at 60fps. The camera’s inbuilt mic is enough on that is own, giving stereo-quality audio. But Canon has left a 3.5mm socket, simply in case. You can inspect out our testimonial of the Rode video clip MicGo i m sorry is a affordable outside shotgun microphone here.

That’s not it. The T5i sporting activities a glare-free flip LCD display for quickly viewing & editing the clip, before sharing it. This makes it ideal for a Vlogger, whose trying to find top-class quality along with instant posting capabilities.

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18MP Hybrid CMOS Sensor100 – 12800 ISO range, expandable to 256001080p/30fps recording9-point AF system


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