The Renaissance was an era of social rebirth and achievement that arisen in Italy throughout the fourteenth, fifteenth, and also sixteenth centuries. The duration can be finest described together the rise of humanism, which to be an pundit movement that emphasized secular ideas found in literature from ancient Greece and also Rome.

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Among these old ideas to be a newfound belief in the individual. The God-fearing Middle periods viewed male as “unworthy through virtue” and also “stained by initial sin”.<1> However, together Renaissance Humanism carried a newfound attention in education in art and the humanities, people became less took in in religious hierarchy and an ext curious around the capability of man. As the Renaissance developed, Individualism became a influential theme in Italy. Many philosophers wrote about the potential of man and developed their own beliefs regarding the kind of human an individual have to aim come be. This views motivated many world to invest in their studies of the arts and humanities, and also as a result, many far-reaching achievements come out the the Renaissance.

This guide provides a substantial view of the advancement of separation, personal, instance identity during the Renaissance. That is separated into 5 sections, which present both major and secondary sources to current a finish understanding that the subject. The an initial section provides a “General Overview” of Renaissance Individualism. The following three part highlight main themes in ~ Renaissance Individualism: “The beginnings of Individualism”, “The Renaissance Man”, and “Individualism in Renaisance Art”. The last section lists other electronic sources the provide added information about humanism, individualism, and also the Renaissance era as a whole.


Lukes, Steven. “The meanings of “Individualism”.” Journal of the history of principles 31.1 (1971): 45-66. Print.

Defines individualism by assessing meanings various cultures attridearteassociazione.orgted come the ax in it’s nineteenth century origins. On page 58 and also 59, Lukes discusses renaissance individualism by analyzing the principles presented in The development of The Individual written by renaissance scholar Jacob dearteassociazione.orgrckhardt. Additionally, Lukes analyzes the modern-day significance of individualism and also how the principle has evolved since it’s origins.

Humanism through the Encyclopedia Britannica

Examines a background of Renaissance Humanism and traces how it’s ideals and also ideologies were offered in Renaissance literature, art, religion, and also more. One section, titled “The emergence of the individual and also the idea the the dignity the man”, discusses well known humanists’ principles of individualism and also helps explain the alters these ideas made to how civilization thought around man. An additional section titled “Anthropocentricity and individualism” illustrates just how the increase in individualism influenced a change in the topics of brand-new Renaissance art.

Cassirer, Ernst. The individual and also the cosmos in Renaissance philosophy. New York: Harper & Row, 1963. Print.

Provides a in-depth account that Renaissance philosophy. Cassirer examines how the Renaissance damaged with midevil tradition and also brought around changes to literature, art, and also philosophy. He likewise describes the new ideologies that individualism that arised as people began to break from the spiritual hierarchy the the center Ages.




Although most historians recognize the prestige of individualism during the Renaissance, there has actually been much debate between scholars about the origins and also historical advancement of the “emergence of the individual”. The following sources include major works and scholarly comparisons of the various theories the individualism.

Jacob dearteassociazione.orgrckhardt. The people of the Renaissance in Italy. Brand-new York: modern Library, 1995.

This famous essay gift an analysis historiography that Individualism. The examines the prestige of individualism 14th century culture of the Italian city-state and the beliefs of famous Renaissance philosophers. The essay has been the subject of much discussion and also debate among Renaissance scholars.

Greenblatt, Stephen. Renaissance self-fashioning: from an ext to Shakespeare. Chicago: college of Chicago Press, 1980. Print.

This publication seeks to administer a background of individualism using new-historicism, a method of understanding background by analyzing the literary works of a offered time period. Greenblatt presents the idea that the introduction of the individual during the Renaissance was no a an outcome of a break v the center ages, nor did it affect the literary and artistic accomplishments that come out the the Renaissance. Instead, Greenblatt uses certain works to assistance his claim that individual identification was a “poetic” concept that emerged indigenous the literary functions of the Renaissance.

Martin, man Jeffries. Myths of Renaissance individualism. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006. Print.

This publication presents an argument on well-known theories the Renaissance Individualism. Young name critically analyzes the functions of dearteassociazione.orgrckhardt, Greenblatt, and other famed Renaissance scholars. He gift a distinct perspective on individual progress, i m sorry he support using mindful examination the the social background and literary artifacts from 15th and 16th century Venice.



As the individual ended up being increasingly important during the Renaissance, numerous philosophers emerged their own principles of a “perfect” individual. A Renaissance Man, or a man who is capable and knowledgeable of all things, have the right to be uncovered in the writings of numerous Renaissance philosophers.

The following primary sources are direct works from famed Renaissance thinkers that discuss the ide of the ‘Renaissance Man’:

Mirandola, Giovanni. Oration ~ above the dignity that man. Washington, D.C.: Regnery Publications, 1996. Print.

Castiglione, Baldassarre. The book of the courtier. London & Toronto/New York: JMDent & Sons, ltd./EPDutton co., 1928.

Amidst a society that placed high value on “civilized man”, Baldassar Castiglione’s work-related discusses the perfect Renaissance Courtier, or attendant of the imperial court. Castiglione describes his idea of a ‘Renaissance Man’ together one who is not just well-versed in the humanities and arts, dearteassociazione.orgt one who also exemplifies suitable behavior and also carries himself through elegance.

Elmer, Peter, Nick Webb, and Roberta Wood. The Renaissance in Europe: an anthology. Brand-new Haven: Yale university Press, 2000. Print.

This book presents a collection of original documents and artifacts from the Renaissance and analyzes how they contridearteassociazione.orgted to the historical significance that the era. The functions are divided into 5 thematic sections. The very first two sections concentration on Renaissance Humanism and include works from famed philosophers choose Machiavelli, Villani, and also Pico della Mirandola. The book compares the various philosophies on individual advance and evaluate the impact these views had on Renaissance culture as a whole.

Other works on the subject:

Heller, Agnes. Renaissance man. London; Boston: Routledge & KPaul, 1978.

Heller gift a detailed analysis of the Renaissance individual. She highlights functions from famous Renaissance philosophers and also discusses just how their ideas combined with the abundant ground for cultural and artistic achievement influenced individuals to aim because that high achievement.

Renaissance Man: Leonardo Da Vinci – the Museum of Science

Leonardo Da Vinci is regularly regarded as the summary of a Renaissance Man. This website examines Da Vinci’s life and analyzes the talents and contridearteassociazione.orgtions that contridearteassociazione.orgted to his legacy as a “universal person”.



The idea that guy was capable of good accomplishment inspired plenty of artists to seek their research studies in the arts and also humanities. During the center Ages, people believed that only God had the strength to create. The Renaissance, however, offered credit to creative creativity and achievement. Artists began to take it pride in their artwork and began exploring brand-new humanist themes in their art fairly than focusing on the classic biblical subject issue that to be popular throughout the middle ages.

The Renaissance in Florence – east Tennessee State University

This site supplies a substantial explanation that humanist topic matter during the Renaissance. It gives pictures that paintings and sculptures, explaining just how individual thought affected the humanist subject issue that to be portrayed. Additionally, it offers a short overview of the Renaissance and the patronage the made artistic achievement possible.

The at an early stage Renaissance in Florence – The national Gallery that Art

This website, sponsored by the national Gallery that Art, provides a digital tour with the early on Renaissance in Florence. It gives a general overview the the time period and identify it’s influential perspectives and also themes. The website identify a newfound focus on individual success as one of the primary impacts for brand-new styles and also subjects the emerged and also provides instances of Renaissance art that reflected this focus.


Renaissance Conceptions of male – SUNY Oneonta

Provides an explanation for exactly how the Renaissance approach of the separation, personal, instance influenced significant achievements in Renaissance culture and thought. Examines excerpts from humanist philosophers and different develops of Renaissance artwork.

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Video: “The Renaissance” –

The background Channel presents a background of the Renaissance making use of an original song and also colorful illusrations. Back the video clip is quite playful, the presents important information indigenous the time period in a fun and also interesting way. Towards the finish of the video (around 2:10), the tune evaulates the Renaissance man and also the accomplishments that came out that the new ways that individualism thinking.