I i found it Brownlee laying the lumber to opposing players on several occasions, and also the passion/emotion the plays with reminds me the Telvin Smith.

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He likewise didn’t offer up much of something in the happen game. The one play ns remember him getting beat on was a perfect throw that I’m tho not sure the wide receiver captured as he to be sliding out of bounds.

Brownlee perfect the game with six tackles (four solos) and .5 tackles for a loss.Brownlee was among the bright spots for the Noles critical season and looks to have actually taken that next step in 2021 as one of the leader on the FSU defense.


Alex Mastromanno

Alex Mastromanno had a strong freshmen season in his very first year of American football and looks to have actually picked up whereby he left turn off in 2020.

Mastromanno played vital part in maintaining the Noles in the game at an early stage when the FSU offense was pinned deep inside your territory.

His first two punts to be from his end zone. The an initial punt was 44 yards, forcing Notre Dame to begin on their side that the field.

The 2nd punt was 53 yards and returned for four yards, through Notre Dame beginning their possession on their 45-yard line.

Mastromanno proved he’s more than a guy with a huge leg together he pinned Notre Dame inside their 10-yard line through a 36-yard punting on his next attempt.

Mastromanno punted four times top top the night and also finished through a 43-yard average. Ironically, FSU didn’t punting a single time in the second half of the game.


McKenzie Milton

What we observed McKenzie Milton perform Sunday night needs to earn a Tomahawk Sticker. It didn’t look choose Milton would check out any action until Jordan Travis shed his helmet on a play through nine minute left in the game.

Milton entered the game after not having much if any type of time to warmth up and also threw a completed happen for 22 yards ~ above his first attempt in almost three years.

The drive caused an FSU touchdown to reduced the result in three points, however the magic didn’t finish there.

Milton remained in the video game on FSU’s next possession to command the team come a game-tying field goal to pressure overtime.If it had actually not been for a bad snap on 3rd down, Milton might have led the Noles to another touchdown for a storybook ending in the game.

Milton play well in limited time was great enough to earn the Tomahawk, yet what that overcame to acquire the opportunity was also better.


Jashaun Corbin

Jashaun Corbin looks prefer the man the coaching employee hoped castle would obtain from the carry portal almost two year ago.

I would have actually put Corbin v the other two running backs, yet he deserved his section as he led the Noles v 144 rushing yards ~ above 15 tote (9.6 average). Corbin had three receptions for 6 yards as well.

His 89-yard touchdown operation evened the score in ~ 7-7 and gave the Noles a much-needed spark after ~ looking devastating on their very first two possessions.

Corbin additionally had some hard-fought yards on a critical fourth-down counter which preserved the Noles in the game.

It’ll be exciting to see just how Mike Norvell uses his running backs as the season progresses.

Corbin was the featured earlier much of the night, but Mike Norvell will spell him with carries come Treshaun Ward and Lawrance Toafili.


Jermaine Johnson

When Jermaine Johnson announced he would departure the transport portal to play his last year in Tallahassee, it captured some FSU football fans off guard.

He was a talented player native a program favor Georgia, and also it was too great to it is in true, right? However, the reports indigenous camp made it seem favor Jermaine Johnson would certainly be a player because that the Noles.

His performance Sunday confirmed all of those reports and also likely surpassed all expectations.Johnson to be unstoppable early, harassing Notre Dame’s Jack Coan and also finishing with 7 tackles, 1.5 sacks, and 2.5 tackles for a loss.

Those stats virtually surpass Joshua Kaindoh’s stats from last year, and he play in eight games!

If Jermaine Johnson proceeds to display up like this every game, the Noles will have actually their an initial legitimate pass rusher since Brian Burns top top the roster.


Honrable Mentions

I’ve provided Tomahawk Stickers more than eight players, and also a few more probably deserve to have their names listed. For this reason here’s what we’ll do:

Amari GainerSydney WilliamsAkeem DentKeyshawn HeltonMalik McClain

Amari Gainer bound for 3rd on the team with 6 tackles( two solos). Sydney Williams caught my eye together he set the lumber a couple of times on defense. He perfect with five tackles (three solos).

Akeem Dent had actually a poor missed handle on the very first play yet had a couple of nice plays later. He perfect with six tackles (four solos). Keyshawn Helton is the final name I’ll mention, as he had 4 receptions for 53 yards and a touchdown.

A couple of those captures were tough, and also he take it a large shot top top a third-down conversion indigenous McKenzie Milton. Malik McClain only had actually one reception, yet it was a good one for 21 yards. He also blocked his target off the whole game, i m sorry was good for a freshman vast receiver.

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All in all, a most players played fine Sunday night, and also the Noles will require them to show up repeatedly for a chance to do a bowl game.