It’s ending up being a brand-new trend, both in the NFL and also college. Player’s room wearing ice cream that increases from the wrist come the earlier of the triceps. This ice cream is additionally called turf tape that extends native the triceps down to the back of the wrist.

Football players wear white tape on the earlier of their arms to prevent burns and abrasions led to by the field turf. The Kinesio tape help prevent tiny cuts and also when the player is tackled to the ground.

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In this article, us will present you why football football player wear tape on the earlier of their arms.

White ice Football football player Wear

Football players in the NFL, college, and high school can be seen wearing white tape on the earlier of your arms. This look at has end up being a tendency for most running backs and vast receivers.

Similar come howwe talked about spatting and how it provides the fish eye support, turf tape on the ago of the arms functions a little bit differently.

Instead of small strips covering crucial parts together as elbows or knees, notably, Alvin Kamara attract the strips all down his arm. Many have speculated why the wears this tape. Kamara admits that this has become part of his standard look, and also he’s constantly protecting the back of his arms with the white turf tape.

Although it’snot allowed as one of the main pieces that equipment, players might wear this type of tape at their own discretion.

What kind Of Tape carry out Football players Wear On your Arms?

It’s calledturf ice or Kinesio tape. It’s an adhesive the sticks straight to the arm and also prevents castle from acquiring scraped through the turf. The adhesive sticks straight to the player’s arm and also will last the entire game.

Football players will wear this tape from the ago of the tricep, all the way down come the bottom that the wrist.

Football games were regularly played on grass areas up till the so late ’90s. The invention of field turf has because transitioned the video game to these synthetic surfaces.

Turf is less complicated to maintain and also manage, but football football player are much more likely to get cuts and scrapes play on turf. This is why players will wear the white turf ice cream on the ago of their arms together they play on this turf surfaces.

Why Football football player Wear tape On The back Of your Arms

When players (like Kamara) relocate at a high rate of speed, hitting the ground deserve to feel favor hitting a hard surface prefer concrete. Particularly in chillier months prefer December, the ground will normally harden and provide less comfort once a player lands.

Players in the NFL undertake white tape for both style and also protection purposes. Alvin Kamara, the running ago of the brand-new Orleans Saints, put on turf tape almost every game.

One useron Reddit suggeststhat he commented that his family would see him in the stands indigenous afar (Kamara is 5’10 tall). He additionally complained to Madden for no featuring his swag in the new Madden 19.


This elbow cosmeticsmay be part of Kamara’s overall branding, as he’ll inspire younger players to start sporting the elbow protection.

White tape that football football player wear can be discovered here ~ above Amazon.

Prevent Turf Burn

Turf burn is led to when any component of the skin hits the turf in ~ high speed. It causes a scrape top top the skin, which will feel favor it’s burnt. One untreated burn can lead to epidemic if exposed to sweat and bacteria top top the turf.


Turf ice can help prevent these burns, together the most frequent component of the human body to fight the floor is the elbows and lower knees. Although knee pads in the pants cover the middle and also upper portion of the knee, the reduced knee deserve to be exposed as soon as making contact with the ground.

If you’re someone who typically gets turf burn top top your elbow or knees, and also you don’t want to undertake tape, here is a cheaper alternative:

Turf tape can aid prevent burns, but it can also aid prevent infection from the sweat and also bacteria on the field.

The only way currently to prevent turf burn is to have actually the skin covered. Often, football player don’t desire to undertake long-sleeve shirts or lengthy spandex under your pants in warmth weather. The lengthy layers often will make the heat overbearing.

To stop turf burn, players deserve to wear turf ice to assist prevent the skin from directly rubbing versus the turf once landing. The tape should be put primarily on knees and also elbows, two joints that often hit the turf.

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What Football location Wear tape On The back Of your Arms?

Any position deserve to wear turf tape. We regularly see ability positions such together running ago and large receivers wear turf tape, together they room the key target to be tackled. Attack linemen have the right to wear turf tape if they commonly hit the ground as well.

As for defensive players, any defensive player deserve to wear the to safeguard themselves versus turf burns. Especially if you’re in a high-impact position like protective line or linebacker, it would be useful to have elbow and knee protection versus the turf.

Turf tape has been offered as a cosmetic and also a way to display off for looks; however, it’s an essential piece of ice to assist prevent little painful cuts. Us recommend turf ice cream for any type of team that commonly practices or theatre on turf surfaces.

Where have the right to I purchase Football Turf Tape?

Turf tape can be purchasedhere ~ above Amazon or at your local sports store. A an easy amazon find can help you find turf tape if you’re unsatisfied v our encourage option.


If you cannot discover the specific kind of tape the Kamara offers in a regional store, a substitute might beKinesio tapeas a mix-up for turf tape. Back they’re used for various purposes, they will look comparable if you’re making use of them because that cosmetic reasons.


Turf tape have the right to be reliable for football player (like Kamara) who have tendency to hit the floor 40+ time a video game from blocking or transferring the football. Turf tape will aid prevent burns and scratches, together it plot as an additional layer of skin.

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As Kamara has developed himself as an all-pro talent, put on turf tape for cosmetic reasons has actually increased in popularity for younger players.