Five reasons for arranging data into frequency
1. Organize the data in a meaningful, easy to understand way; 2. To enable the reader to determine the nature or shape of the distribution; 3. To facilitate computational actions for procedures of average and spread; 4. To allow the researcher to attract charts and graphs because that the presentation of data; 5. To allow the researcher to draw charts and also graphs for the presentation the data; 5. To enable the reader to do comparisons among different data sets
three varieties of frequency distributions, and also explain as soon as each should be usedcategorical frequency distribution, grouped frequency distribution, accumulation frequency distribution;
categorical frequency distributionis used for data that have the right to be put in details categories, such together nomicnal-or ordinal-level data.

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political afiliation, religious affiliation, major field of studywould use categorical frequency distribution
cumulative frequency distributionare provided to show how many data values are accumulated up to and also including a specific class; a way to list how many values fit into the very first class, the very first 2 classes, the very first 3 classes, etc., or the last class, the last 2 classes, etc.
grouped frequency distributionused once the great contain more than one data value; offered when the range of data is big and the data have to be grouped right into classes that are more than one unit in width
anybody who is 65 or olderopen-ended frequency distribution
distribution of variety of hours that boat batteries lastedgrouped freqency distribution
How countless classes should frequency distributions have?Usually 5 come 20 classes are used, however in any kind of case, make sure that you use enough classes to provide a an excellent description that the data.
Why must the class width be an strange number?This ensures the the midpoint of each class has the same place value together the data. This will guarantee that the course midpoints space integers instead of decimals.

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What room open-ended frequency distributions?a frequencu circulation that has actually no certain beginning worth or no specific ending value
Why space opened-ended frequency distributions necessary?..used as soon as the classes are not equal in width
the complete record high temperatures are less thatn or same to 114 degrees; 48 of the complete record high temperatures are less than or same to 124 degrees.cumulative frequency examples
ungrouped frequency distributionwhen the variety of the data values is relatively small and also a frequency have the right to be constructed using solitary data values for every class