Which international airport is closest to ocean City? What is the best means to gain to ocean City native there? 

Submitted by Damon H, Horsham Hawaii on January 8, 2019

The nearest significant commercial airports to OC space all around 3 hrs away. They room Washington Dulles (IAD), Washington nationwide (DCA), Baltimore (BWI), or Philadelphia (PHl). From any kind of of tem girlfriend would have to rent a car and drive come OC.

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You also can take a connecting trip to Salisbury-Ocean City local Airport (SBY) i beg your pardon is around 30 miles from OC. Castle are only serviced by American airlines which only has direct flights to Philadelphia and also Charlotte, for this reason you have the right to fly indigenous Hawaii to either of this airports and then come OC. When you acquire to Salisbury friend will need to rent a car, take it a taxi, or arrange various other transportation to gain to OC.

In the unlikely occasion you have access to a private airplane or charter, you have the right to fly come the ocean City plane (OXB) i beg your pardon is basic Aviation (no advertisement flights) only. The is located around 5 miles exterior of s City.


You can fly right into Salisbury worldwide Airport as well. That is a smaller airport with minimal flights though. It is about an hour from s City. The Bayrunner Shuttle likewise goes to s City indigenous Salisbury, MD.

Baltimore, Philadelphia and also Washington, DC (Reagan / Dulles) airports room all around 3 hrs from s City. You might do a one-way rental from Enterprise car Rental and drop the automobile off in ocean City.


Aloha! together the rather mentioned, the closest worldwide airports space all around three hours away. Once you room out of the aircraft though and on the road- stick to Rt. 50 east and it will take you directly to ocean City!


Damon, I view your asking this inquiry from Hawaii therefore you might need additional airport locations. Besides BWI airport outside of Baltimore over there is Ronald Reagan and Dulles Airports close to Washington D.C.

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The closest worldwide airport to s City Md. Would probably be BWI. From there, you have the right to ride the Bayrunner Shuttle into Ocean City. 

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