I'm the proud mommy of a child in straightforward right now. Trying to arrangement my pilgrimage down indigenous Wisconsin. I'm unsure the what plane is closest because that me to paris into. Anyone that have the right to help, it will certainly be greatly appreciated.

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There is a regional airport in Columbus. I don't understand if you will have the ability to fly direct from whereby you room so girlfriend may have to connect in Atlanta or another hub.

Only Delta flies into Columbus, and also it's generally on a tiny airplane that connects in Atlanta. I'd fly right into Atlanta and also drive to Columbus (about one hour or so). It's all highway driving and also not poor at all. We've excellent it number of times. The flights come Atlanta are commonly substantially cheaper as well, so the savings will pay for her rental car. If friend don't want to drive from Atlanta, there's additionally the Columbus spaceship (I think the website is www.columbusshuttle.com). It's a van that will certainly take girlfriend from the Atlanta airport come their ar in Columbus.

Ditto the ide to fly right into Atlanta. No one flies direct from any type of of the Wisconsin airports I know of (Milwaukee, Madison, Appleton) right into Columbus, for this reason you'd be transforming someplace. There are occasionally airfares for MKE-CSG that are only a few dollars much more than MKE-ATL, but they typically involve layovers in ATL that are much longer than the journey from ATL to Columbus would be. Otherwise, flying MKE-CSG is typically at least $100 more than MKE-ATL, occasionally more. And also MSN or ATW to CSG tends to operation over $400 (as opposed to less than $200 MKE-ATL). Unless you prefer hanging around airports, or there's some issue with renting a car or steering one, paris from Milwaukee come Atlanta is your best bet.

Drive down from ATL airport is simple, basically hop on I-85 and also take it all the way to Columbus.

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Check the end the Riverwalk in downtown columbus if you get a chance. They walk a nice job with the area. And also if you favor bicycle speak the paved path goes about 12 miles follow me river come Ft Benning.

Hi Tina,

We simply got ago from ft Benning!! My son graduated ~ above Aug 3--It was awesome!! we flew into atlanta and also then drove to columbus --I will certainly tell you this---when you gain to columbus--make certain you walk to the basic the night prior to family work so girlfriend can figure out where you will be walk in the morning--that is a very large base and soo simple to gain lost!! part parents didnt do this and miossed the graduation totally ;-( have actually fun and also enjoy this exorbitant proud moment in her sons and also YOUR life!! and also bring numerous klennex :-) renae