the Dravidian language the the Tamils, spoken in India principally in Tamil Nadu state and in Sri Lanka ~ above the N and E coasts.

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Tamil is the name for a person of a Dravidian culture group that is situated primarily in southerly India and northeastern Sri Lanka.

Tamil is additionally the name of the language talked by Tamils.

Tamils, like all Dravidian peoples, are indigenous to southerly India and also Sri Lanka. That is, Dravidian individuals are the faster known residents of that geographic area.

Today, many of the world’s Tamils live in the southeastern Indian state that Tamil Nadu and northern part of the country of Sri Lanka, although plenty of Tamils live around the world.

Why is Tamil important?

The majority of Tamils live in what is currently Tamil Nadu, one Indian state that has throughout history been rule by assorted dynasties, chieftains, kings, the British, and finally the contemporary country of India. The 2nd largest group of Tamils live in nearby Sri Lanka, who are divided in between the Tamils who traveled there many centuries ago and the Tamils who arrived more recently as British plantation laborers.

Tamil background goes earlier over 2,000 years. For all that time, the Tamil world have preserved their social identity and still greatly live in the same geographical area they always have.

This can be viewed in Tamil art and also architecture, which is regularly elaborate and also impressive. Art of the Tamils was carefully linked come the dynasties that ruled over them and readjusted as one group yielded power come another. Tamil politics leaders wanted to show their power and also wealth, therefore they invested a the majority of money structure magnificent temples and funding artists and also musicians.

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Tamil folk music and also dance is another important element of their culture and is prominent throughout their plenty of harvest festivals.