The most typical golf carts the you see used in residential or golf setups are going to it is in the EZGO, Yamaha, and also the club Car.

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Through the years, there have actually been lot of of other manufacturers, and also although few of them might not still it is in around, the carts are.

Golf carts last a really long time, and also therefore, you deserve to still find carts made by Western, located everywhere the unified States.

If you have a west golf dare or space looking to include one to your repertoire of carts, climate we have actually some advantageous information which might make things much easier for you.

Who renders Western Golf Carts?


Western golf carts to be made by western Golf Cart manufacturing in warm Springs, California.

The western Carts have been around for numerous years, and also they room most well known for their custom accessories and design.

Western Golf Carts to be initially established in 1981, and also they are well-known for the Lido golf carts as well.

The western golf carts initially had about eight models, and each developed on the EZGO Chassis.

For a long time, Western to be producing around 2000 golf carts per year.

The carts were much an ext customized than the other models in ~ the time, and also therefore, you would pay quite a bit more for the Western than other comparable carts.

Western was one of the early leaders in the electric golf cart design.

The carts have a distinctive look come them, and also they sit reasonably low to the ground.

They are far better for golf and riding around residential locations than because that off-roading adventures.

Can You purchase Refurbished Westerns?

With how renowned these west golf carts were and also how many unique attributes they had, over there is still rather a market for supplied golf carts.

Some that the standard alternatives you would watch on a west cart would certainly be a stereo system and also a woodgrain dash.

The carts had actually a really classic and upscale look to them, much different than the modern EZGO or Club auto design.

The good thing about golf carts is the they can an extremely easily be refurbished, fixed up, and readjusted to suit the needs of a contemporary golfer.

This is why many world purchase golf carts that room twenty or thirty years old.

Especially v an electrical model whereby you have the right to simply replace the batteries, over there is really no reason to trash a golf cart.

If you room looking at supplied golf carts in your area, opportunities are you may come across a Western.

Lido and also Western Partnership


With all of the money, fame, and fortune that took location in California, western golf carts the were custom-built obtained quite a little of attention.

Celebrities and also sports stars to be picking up these carts come drive about town.

They wanted the carts to it is in custom-built to your needs and specifications.

Lido paired up through Western to put out some an extremely unique alternatives which had every one of the top-of-the-line functions at the time.

These carts space still very sought after ~ as human being like to include modern-day customizations to them.

Who makes the most Golf Carts in the US?


Most golfers and golf cart owners will be challenged with three options when they shop because that a brand-new cart.

The Yamaha, EZGO, and also Club car seem to be the many popular choices on the market.

If girlfriend have ever wondered i beg your pardon is the top of the huge three, you space in the ideal place.

Here are the largest golf dare manufacturers in the US.

1. Textron

At the top of the list is Textron.

They very own several brands, but one the the best is EZGO.

This is no surprising to us as we have actually seen human being start come gravitate much more and much more towards the EZGO in the last couple of years.

The carts are reasonably priced, offer lots of features and options, and also they last a really long time.

The Textron company shows income of much more than 13 exchange rate dollars.

2. Polaris Industries


Polaris golf carts are not the common carts you will see around your neighborhood.

They execute make a lot of ATVs and also off-road form golf carts.

The bulk of their company is the off-road vehicles, and that is why they finish up through such high earnings.

3. Yamaha engine Corporation

The Yamaha motor Corporation manufactures the Yamaha Golf Carts.

They make both electric and also gas-powered models, and also they are situated in Marietta, Georgia.

Yamaha makes many motors and also engines, and also that is what they are most renowned for.

4. Club Car


If you have played golf at a private nation club lately, chances are you rode in a club Car.

Club automobile golf carts have actually been around since 1958, and they make very smooth riding, easy-to-operate golf carts.

Club car is well-known for having actually a greater quality cart v a very smooth ride.

They are likewise known for being priced a bit higher than assets of other golf cart manufacturers.

Although there are plenty of other golf cart carriers out there, lock are much smaller in scale.

This usually method that, unless they room a neighborhood company, it can be tough to discover one in her area.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a golf cart dealer in her area in ~ all.

When you look for these distinctive carts, your search will just get more complicated.

Are supplied Golf Carts worth It?


Since we pointed out that your ideal chance of finding a western or a Lido would certainly be used, it pipeline many civilization asking if provided carts are worth it.

IF girlfriend can discover a used cart in great shape, over there are lots of things you have the right to do come customize it and make it your own.

Used carts will save you numerous money end a brand-new cart, and they space not daunting to find.

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Most golf cart dealerships will have actually an perform of both new and supplied golf carts to select from.